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Customize Your Wall Mural Or Wallpaper

At Murals Your Way it is easy to customize your wallpaper or wall mural. We can modify any of our images, or one that you provide.  If you share your vision with us, the sky is the limit. We will do everything we can to turn your design concept into a reality. The most common changes are listed here, but it doesn't stop there!

Crop Or Extend An Image

One of the most common customization is to either crop or extend and image. Here is an example of how one image, Bonjour Paris Wall Mural (by Irene Suchocki), was modified for two different customers. This is the original photo:

Black And White Photo Of Classic Paris Building

On the left, the Bonjour Paris Wall Mural has been cropped to fit a tall, narrow staircase. On the right, the image has been extended to create one long building to fit a long hallway.

Two Examples Of Image Modification Of A Photo Of A Classic Paris Building

Add A Name, Logo Or Personalized Message

Change the image to make the mural uniquely yours by adding a name or text. There are many ways to personalize a mural or wallpaper. Read more about personalization options.

Here are two common examples of adding a name to a wall mural. On the left, we added the business name "All Day Café" to the Vintage Stacked Wall Of Speakers wall mural for a small restaurant. On the right, we added the name "Tallula" to the rainbow wall mural Blue Sky And Rainbow Over Water to create the perfect girl's room.

Two Photos Of Personalization By Adding A Name To a Mural

Change The Scale Of A Mural Image

Sometimes customers find an image they love, but it won't quite fit into their space. The image may be too big or too small. Murals Your Way can change the scale of any image to fit your space.

For example, a customer wanted to use the Animal World Map Wall Mural in a waiting room, but the image was too big. Parts of the mural were blocked by the chairs. So, we modified the image by adding more blue "water" so that the full map appears above the chairs.

Change The Scale Of Wallpaper Patterns

When it comes to patterned wallpaper, the scale of the pattern can mean everything! Smaller wised patterns with more frequent repeats add. Larger size patterns can make a small room look big or make a bold statement.

Whether small and detailed or over-sized and bold, we can work with you to achieve the effect you desire for your space. We can change the size of the pattern as well as change the frequency of the pattern repeat, which will completely change the look of the wallpaper.

Combine Two Or More Images To Create A Single Mural

Sometimes it is hard to choose just one image or perhaps it is not the right size to fit your space. Our Graphics team can combine several images into a single image for your mural.

For example, one customer had a long wall and they wanted to fill it with a beautiful Italian coastal village. However, the image was not wide enough. The customer selected two other images, and we combined them to create a single, seamless view.

Before: three separate photos

After: one seamless mural

Change Colors (Or Color-Matching)

Did you find a mural you love, but you want it in a different color? That's easy. We can update any mural to change colors to match a paint color, particular decor or your favorite color. Read more about our color matching.

In this example, the customer loved the Hand Drawn Cactus Wallpaper, but it had too much grey. So, we changed the colors to create more visual impact.

Modify An Image To Account For Structural Elements Of A Room (Windows, Doors, etc)

Your wall may have a door, window or other structure element. We can easily modify any image to work with the structural elements of your room. We can move portions of an image to create space for a door or a window.

For example, one customer wanted a macro-photo of a beautiful flower. However in the original image, most of the flower would be blocked by a door. Murals Your way modified the image by extending and mirroring the flower, so it now sits to the side of the door.

Wallpaper Guarantee

All of our murals are guaranteed to be to your satisfaction. Every mural is made your way. If you don't love it, we'll take it back. With our 100% Love It Guarantee, it's that simple

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Murals Your Way Is Here To Help With Your Wall Mural Project

For all of your customization needs, please contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 and one of our Account Managers will provide assistance.