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EnviroPro™ - Texture

Commercial grade, vinyl alternative wallcovering that brings together style and durability. Ideal for high traffic areas. Light texture with a matte finish. For smooth and lightly textured walls. Paste required. (PVC Free. Type II 20 oz. Class A Fire Rating.)

Samples of a wall before and after applying a mural with EnviroPro-Texture
Showing swatches of the different types of wall surfaces that are best for EnviroPro - Texture
  • PVC free wallcovering, Olefin based vinyl alternative
  • Type II, 20 oz. commercial strength
  • Class A fire rating
  • Ultra-white Polyolefin face
  • Slight Texture - Low Sheen
  • Printed with 20 year indoor fade resistant ink
  • PVC Free, No Plasticizers, No Phthalates, No Formaldehyde, No Chlorine, No Halogen, No Heavy Metals (such as Cadmium, Mercury, Lead, or Zinc), and No Ozone Depleting Chemicals. Prop 65 compliant, No harmful off gassing, Low VOC emitting
  • Paste is required - we recommend Roman PRO-838 Heavy Duty Clear Wallcovering Paste
  • Make installation easy with our EnviroPro - Texture Install Kit or even easier with our Install Kit with Paste

EnviroPro - Texture Q & A

Are EnviroPro - Texture murals pre-pasted?
No, You will need to apply paste prior to installation.
Can I use EnviroPro - Texture on textured walls?
Yes. EnviroPro - Texture is a great option for slightly textured walls.
Can I use EnviroPro - Texture outdoors?
EnviroPro - Texture is NOT recommended for outdoor use.
Can I use EnviroPro - Texture in high traffic areas or kids' rooms?
Yes. EnviroPro - Texture is durable enough for use in high traffic areas and kids' rooms.
Can I use EnviroPro - Texture in damp or humid locations?
You can use EnviroPro - Texture in damp/humid locations as long as it is top coated.
How do I clean EnviroPro - Texture murals?
You can use a damp sponge and general purpose cleaners on your EnviroPro - Texture mural.
Will EnviroPro - Texture murals damage my wall when I remove them?
When installation instructions for wall preparation and removal instructions are properly followed, a mural should not damage the wall from which it is removed.

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