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How To Double Cut A Wall Mural

Simple And Perfectly Matched Seams

Wallpaper murals that are larger than 52 inches wide or tall will be printed on two or more panels. Matching seams between the panels is very simple to do with the Murals Your Way double cut system. Each panel will be printed with a 2-inch overlap at the seam.

To make the seams match, follow these easy directions:

  1. To make the process easier and quicker, have a friend help you with installation. Install the first panel, making sure the panel is level.
  2. Install the second panel, knowing that exactly 2 inches will overlap the first panel. You'll be able to line up the image easily with the overlap and by keeping the second panel level. Review the image before doing any cutting.
  3. Some wallpaper mural designs won't show the overlapped seam, and if you want, you can leave it installed that way. But if the seam does show, take a straight edge and a razor and slice the mural through the two layers directly in the middle of the seam, or 1 inch in from both edges of the overlap.
  4. Hint: When cutting along the straight edge with your razor, keep the razor in the seam during the entire cut. When you need to readjust your position, hold the razor steady and slide the straight edge down for the next cut. This will help keep the seam smooth and look like a professional installed your mural.
  5. Gently peel away the two top layers of overlapped material and you'll have perfectly matched seams.
  6. Continue to install panels and double cut the seams in the same manner until your entire mural is hung.

Hire A Professional Wallpaper Installer

Our murals are designed so that anyone can install them. We do recommend you have at least 2 people and allow about an hour per panel. However, while it is not necessary, some people do chose to hire a professional installer.