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Removing Wall Murals

If you need to remove your wall mural for any reason, rest assured, your walls will look fantastic once the panels have been removed following these instructions.

Removing A Vinyl HD - Texture, Eco Bella - Texture Or Prepasted Wallpaper Wall Mural

If you chose Vinyl HD - Texture, Eco Bella - Texture Or Prepasted Wallpaper material, carefully pull on the mural from one of the edges at a 45 degree angle, panel by panel. Once the entire mural is removed, wipe off any paste residue left on the walls with a clean, damp sponge or towel. The wall is now ready to be painted or have another wallpaper mural installed.

Removing A SmartStick® Wall Mural

If you chose SmartStick® material, carefully peel the panels off the wall at a 45 degree angle, from top to bottom.

Removing A VersaGrip Wall Mural

To remove VersaGrip, use a putty knife or razor to pull up a corner of the material. Peel the material off at a 45 degree angle. NOTE: VersaGrip is easiest to remove under warm conditions.

Removing Frosted Window Film

While removing Frosted Window Film, do not bend back the corners. Apply at least 3” to 4” of Scotch Tape onto any corner of the printed piece. Pull the extended tape to lift the material from the surface (see image). This will eliminate any bending of corners. If a crease or bend is created, you can try bending the material in the opposite direction to flatten. If you plan to reuse the material, be sure to roll the product in whichever way will be towards the surface it is being applied to.

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