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Protective Matte Topcoat

Protective Topcoat is a clear, matte, polyurethane finish that is applied to the surface of your wall mural
in-house by our production staff. Topcoat adds extra protection, aids against scratches, and makes cleaning the mural much easier and without damage.

Protective Topcoat for Education
Protective Topcoat for Restaurants
Protective Topcoat for Daycares

Protective Topcoat is recommended for any wall murals that are in high traffic areas where they may be
rubbed or touched on a repeated basis; areas with high moisture; or any commercial applications.

Protective Topcoat is available for Vinyl HD Texture and Prepasted Wallpaper. It is not available for Eco Bella™ Texture, Frosted Window Film, Versa Grip or Smartsick®.

Please note that if you choose our Protective Topcoat for Prepasted Wallpaper, the removal is not as clean
as without topcoat and may cause damage to your wall.

At $1.75 per square foot, Protective Topcoat is a great way to add long-lasting protection to your wall mural.

Adding Protective Topcoat to your wall mural is ideal for all uses, especially:

  • Daycare Centers
  • Kids’ Rooms
  • Restaurants
  • Dental Offices
  • Educational Settings
  • Much more!

Learn about our MicroBloc® Antimicrobial Topcoat for your printed wall mural in healthcare facilities, dental offices, hotels, washrooms and more.

Email us at sales@muralsyourway.com or call 1-888-558-0279 to speak with an Account Manager about adding Protective Topcoat to your mural.