6 New Wallpaper Trends

Give Your Interior A Makeover

According to the Oxford Dictionary, a trend is, "a general direction in which something is developing or changing.” As with most trends developing and changing, so has wallpaper. Forego wallpaper with boring repeat patterns and feast your eyes on murals showcasing luscious scenery, larger than life green palms, vintage inspired landscapes and bold animal designs.

Mid-century Modern Wallpaper

Mid-century decor is all the rage which is exactly why this wallpaper is a huge new trend. Just like any other wallpaper, Mid-century wallpaper continues to evolve, modernize and become better! Wallpaper patterns with clean lines and organic shapes make a bold statement however are timeless and will hold appeal for many years to come.

Vintage Inspired Wallpaper

Another big wallpaper trend is vintage wallpaper – and we don’t mean your Grandma's wallpaper! The latest vintage wallpaper designs intertwine the old with the new. A large scale version of William Morris wallpaper lets you focus on the design rather than make you cross-eyed looking at the small, intricate pattern. Bigger and bolder vintage wallpaper is king.


Cottagecore is a dreamy, cozy design aesthetic that has captivated an adoring audience on social media and evolved into a highly sought-after design aesthetic. Think countryside cottage decked with vintage, floral design elements. Running barefoot through a field at dusk, white linen and lace, large hats, and flowy, ethereal gowns. Teapots, vintage chandeliers, and outdoor claw-foot tubs. It’s about taking inspiration from the outside world and mixing it with a healthy dose of romanticism.

Tropical Chic

Palm leaves, monstera foliage, exotic plants… this year again, tropical murals are among the top trends. Green is very soothing to the eye and is associated with all the gifts that nature provides. From the smallest leaf to the largest jungle, tropical wall murals will liven up any space.


Birds, tigers, zebras and monkeys on wallpaper? Yes please! Repeating motifs and combinations with animal patterns will be seen all over. From classy black and white animal prints to bold and colorful prints, anything goes.

Engraved Landscapes

Go classic in a modern way with a black and white engraved landscape mural. This type of print is perfect for someone who doesn't want to add to too much color to the walls but wants to add some serious character.

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