How To Wallpaper A Ceiling

Why You Should Wallpaper Your Ceiling

Accentuate Your Space

It isn’t simply a faddish trend. Designers and homeowners alike have turned to wallpapered ceilings as a way to transform rooms in unexpected ways. Highlight a recessed ceiling or show off your crown molding with a contrasting pop of color or pattern. Frame that showstopping light fixture with a ceiling that draws the eye upwards.

Not only will ceiling wallpaper elevate short rooms, it can serve as the solution to limited wall space. Do doors or wood paneling take up lots of your valuable décor real estate? Rather than forcing interruptions in a pattern due to too many windows or other features, add art and intrigue to your ceiling.

Go Faux

Get faux textures that would be too expensive otherwise. Love the look of reclaimed wood boards but don’t have the budget for the real thing? Our highly detailed faux wood textured wall murals are an elegantly simple solution. This coffee shop chose a custom tin tile pattern to add a warm sophistication to their wall-less location.

Keep the Party Going

Continue a pattern from your walls to up above. Designer Grace Mitchell from HGTV’s show One of a Kind found a fun way to incorporate elements of the vintage serving utensils from the wall of this pantry into the wallpaper we helped her create for the ceiling. Remember how we said ceiling wallpaper can add height to shorter rooms? An open pattern like this will draw people’s eyes upward without stifling your space.

Look to the Stars

Create a dreamy effect with a glimpse of fluffy ombre clouds or glittering space nebulas. What kid wouldn’t want to drift off to dreamland under a cotton candy clouds mural? Continue a ceiling wall mural down slanted attic walls to create a whimsical optical illusion and add a wow factor for your kids’ bedrooms and play areas.

Bringing the Outside In

In the same way that cloud ceiling murals bring the sky inside, nature murals can be used for stunning visual effects. Take the ceiling of this Asian Cuban fusion restaurant for example. Our large koi ceiling mural means diners will be able to grab lunch or dinner under a serene koi pond. Talk about a conversation piece!

How to Wallpaper a Ceiling

Now that you have some good reasons why you should wallpaper your ceiling, and a few ceiling wallpaper ideas to boot, it’s time for the how. First and foremost, you’re going to want to pick a rectangular or square room with a smooth ceiling surface. Ceiling wallpaper installation won’t work well on heavily textured surfaces such as popcorn ceilings.

A lot of the traditional wallpaper hanging techniques remain the same: you want to be sure you’ve cleaned and prepped the surface properly, and look over the installation instructions associated with the material you’ve chosen before you begin.

For ceiling wallpaper and wall murals, you don’t want to use peel and stick materials. Remember, gravity is working against you. That’s why heavier materials, such as our EcoBella, are also difficult to install on ceilings. For a smooth ceiling, we recommend our Prepasted material. For lightly textured ceilings with finishes like orange peel or knockdown, go with our Vinyl HD Texture.

After your ceiling is clean and prepped, carefully remove any light fixtures and air vents with a screwdriver. Set up scaffolding or another stable way of reaching the ceiling. The more hands, the merrier!

Taking it Slow

Another quick tip? Take it slow. Taping the edges of the mural with masking tape until the panel has completely dried will help dramatically. Tape each panel as you go, waiting 15 minutes before you begin prepping the next panel. That way, the installed portion has 45 minutes to set while you’re waiting for the next panel to complete the booking process. As you work only take the tape off of the edge that will be overlapped by the next panel, and keep the remaining tape on overnight or until the mural has dried completely for the best results.

Going Pro

As with all other installations, there’s no shame in going with the pros. Nothing can substitute for experience, so if you’re not feeling confident or just don’t want the hassle, find a local wallpaper hanger to help you in your ceiling wallpaper installation endeavors.

Trend Alert: Wallpaper on Bedroom Ceilings

Why should your style stop at the walls? Designers have begun giftwrapping bedrooms in patterned wallpaper, ceilings and all! Not only does it offer a cozy uniformity, it plays up the dimensions of your room and offers an added sense of depth.

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