Home Gym Mural Ideas

No Gym? No Sweat!

Has quarantine found you eyeing your house for the perfect at-home gym space? Maybe you have already repurposed a room, or maybe the dumbbells have established a permanent residence in the garage. Regardless of your DIY gym set-up, you can add a professional touch and motivating atmosphere to any space with a home gym wallpaper or fitness wall mural.

It’s difficult to focus when you’re staring down a blank wall. Give your mind something to chew on by putting up an inspirational word cloud mural. With health and fitness-related themes, it’s easy to keep motivation at the forefront of your routine. Want something that will inspire you to push yourself even harder? Choose a more aggressive word cloud wall mural for that trainer-inspired energy burst.

Road murals add a sense of purpose and direction to your at-home gym. These large-scale murals easily transform a blank wall into a focal point of the space. Let your eyes wander the landscape or stay fixed on the road ahead of you, whatever helps you fit an extra ten minutes or additional set of lifts in!

If you want something a little more natural but no less awe-inspiring, check out the sweeping vistas and towering heights of our nature murals. Set your sights on conquering the peak of a distant mountain or get lost in the underbrush. Draw strength from a fiery sunrise or stay grounded like an unyielding stone.

You may find yourself missing the sense of camaraderie that came from seeing others hard at work at the gym. Let’s face it, it’s easier to work out when others are around to hold us accountable. Get that sense of teamwork and participation back with a sport mural. Pick your favorite sport from a wide selection or create a theme inspired by your favorite team.

Whatever your choice, Murals Your Way makes this leg of your DIY gym journey easy with step-by-step installation instructions. From measurement to wall prep, you’ll be papering like a pro in no time, so there’s no need to invite anyone extra into your home.

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