How To Create A Social Media Wall That Pops

Build Your Brand with a Selfie Wall

We live in the age of the selfie; people love to commemorate everything with a photo, whether it’s an extravagant meal, a night out with friends, or an excursion to a trendy shop. With the latter, businesses can take advantage this immense marketing potential by creating a selfie wall. Selfie walls are designated areas where guests are encouraged to take photos, and one of the easiest and most effective ways to grow and differentiate your business.

man taking selfie in front of company logo wall mural

Benefits of a Social Media Wall

Social media walls or selfie walls create a unique experience for your guests. Customers take pictures of themselves, share those snapshots on social media, and, ideally, tag your business and use your unique hashtag. When someone posts a selfie in front of your branded wall mural, their entire social media network gets to see your business, front and center. In turn, their followers are more inclined to visit your business and use your social media wall themselves, giving you access to hundreds of potential customers you may not have otherwise been able to reach. By creating a built-in selfie space, you’re giving your customers a reason to take more photos, and as a result, promote your business (for free!) on social media.

How to Make a Social Media Photo Wall

Ready to tap into this trend and marketing potential? Here are a few ideas to create a selfie wall that’s both beautiful and promotes your brand.

Location is Everything

Before you dive in and start designing your social media backdrop, think about the layout of your space and pick a spot for your clients to take photos. Where are your customers Is there an area in your restaurant, store, or office that gets plenty of daily traffic? Is there a wall that receives natural light? These considerations will help you choose a prime location for your selfie wall. Waiting rooms and hallways are great locations to add a social media display wall; waiting areas allow clients to get familiar with their surroundings, while hallways pique curiosity and add an element of surprise.

photo of woman in front of patterned wings wallpaper mural

Create an Experience

When it comes to designing your selfie wall, focus on experience and interaction first. Choose a design that feels artsy or fun and allows the customer to be the star of the show. A pair of colorful angel wings, a bold and vibrant pattern, and cheeky or inspirational phrases are all designed for shareable moments.

Make Events Memorable

It’s no secret that social media walls for events offer huge opportunities for businesses. They’re suitable for nearly any event type, from in-store events to exhibitions to conventions and everything in-between. Guests will have a blast taking photos and be excited to share them on social media – increasing your brand visibility and reach in the process. Offer set-like backdrops, like oversized florals, inspirational quotes, or bold patterns. Provide some props, such as witty signs, fun accessories, and other items, to draw guests in and encourage them to snap a few photos.

photos of women in front of branded wallpaper murals at events

Incorporate Your Branding

Whenever and wherever possible, make sure your branding gets into those Insta photos! If you have a distinctive logo, font, and color scheme, incorporating this defining aesthetic will help connect your selfie wall and your business. A step-and-repeat background of your logo is a perfect way to spread brand awareness while also providing an interesting backdrop for selfies. Include your social network handles, unique hashtags, and a fun phrase for an unforgettable social media photo wall.

People want to post great content on their social media and they’re always on the lookout for an awesome background to make their photos stand out. By providing a selfie wall for your guests, you’re not only giving them a space to interact with your brand – you’re also increasing your brand awareness with ripe social media content.

Use our Create Your Own option to create your selfie wall. In just three steps, you can turn your design into a full-size wall mural. Upload your image, choose your size, and select your material – it’s that simple. Need help creating the ultimate selfie wall? Our talented Design Team has the skills to bring your vision to life! Our services include custom design, branded content, modifying images, and much more. We’ll even create a digital proof of your image at your desired dimensions so you’ll know how it will look. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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