How To Decorate With Agate Wallpaper

Start a color palette off right or add increased dimensionality to your space with a gorgeous semi-precious agate texture mural

Realistically textured wall murals have made it increasingly possible for interior designers and homeowners to play with natural patterns and textures without breaking their décor budget on expensive stone slabs or wood planks. Richly banded agate wall murals that play with transparency and opacity lend their intriguing depth of dimension to any space. An agate's unique pattern and ombre array of colors make each a strong candidate for an engrossing accent wall that can guide the design of the rest of the room. From the crystalline modernity of a blue agate wallpaper to the warm red tones of a brown and red-banded geode wallpaper, agate textures can be used to suit any style and type of room.

A Cut Above the Rest

Customer Jamie P. with Minneapolis luxury apartment building 4Marq Apartments needed a way to bring the building’s dynamic personality to the fore. Their formerly bland hallways were given an elegant makeover with our Polished Cut of Agate wall mural. “Murals Your Way brought our vision to life,” Jamie writes. “We love our new hallways and so do our residents!”

Optical Opulence

Expand a small space with carefully placed wall murals and mirrors. Designer Ivona K. with Chicago-based Ivona Homes says they decided to create a showstopper in this small bathroom rather than letting the lack of space feel like a constraint. By using mirrored panels of our Macro Photo Of The Texture Of Agate design, Ivona created her own tessellation that wrapped around the walls of this bathroom, adding to the sense of spaciousness. “It's everyone's favorite room in the house!” she writes.

Complimentary Colors

Nature gives us some of the best color combinations without even trying. The cool grays and blues encircled by tan and brown bands in the Detail Of Mineral Agate Texture installed in this game room strikes the perfect balance between welcoming and energizing. The November Design Group out of Austin Texas extended this mural to cover the entire wall to truly show off the detailed layers of this natural wonder.

A Beautiful Backdrop

Customer Adam H. says his wife was looking for a beautiful backdrop for her home office. After picking out this custom ice blue agate geode design, they printed off a strike-off sample so they could color match their paint to perfectly match the mural. Not sure how to color match yourself? Our color match service makes it easy to match a mural to a paint color.

For even more inspiration on how to decorate your space using natural textured wall murals and wallpapers, be sure to also read our Faux Real how-to article for helpful styling tips and tricks. And if you love the look of stone our collection of marble wallpaper murals is another great place to shop carefully curated faux stone texture murals.

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