How To Decorate With Fine Art Wall Murals

The Wall Art Renaissance

How to Bring Museum Favorites To Your Home Or Business with Fine Art Wallpaper Murals

A fine art wall mural is a dynamic way to include art in your home and makes a bigger impact than simply hanging a framed reproduction. From famed Renaissance figures like Leonardo da Vinci to French Neoclassicists like Jacques-Louis David, experimental cubists like Paul Cezanne to romantic Art Nouveau adherents like Gustav Klimt, there’s a style and period of art history sure to suit everyone’s tastes. Shop by artist and become immersed in a master’s work and notice new details every day with our carefully printed and extremely vivid famous artwork wallpaper murals.

Making an Impression

Customer Jackie V. has always loved Vincent van Gogh’s Almond Branches in Bloom painting. When it came time to remodel her dining room, Jackie knew just what she wanted—a show-stopping fine art accent wall. By blowing up our Almond Branches in Bloom wall mural to fill a full wall, Jackie also gets to enjoy the stunning details of van Gogh’s brushwork up close.

Van Gogh isn’t the only Impressionist whose work translates beautifully to a full-wall installation. The soft brushwork of Claude Monet’s iconic lily pond studies create a fascinating optical effect when used in large installations. Customer Susan S. wanted a lake in her living room, so she chose our Monet’s Bridge wall mural, painted by artist Peter Ellenshaw in Monet’s familiar style, to accent the space.

What’s Old is New

Southern Mesa Trading Co. completed the beachy, coastal theme of this bedroom with a wall mural of The Great Wave Of Kanagawa by Japanese printmaker Katsushika Hokusai. Contrasting a timeless classic with a modern interior is a great way to achieve an enduring style for your space.

Fine Art Frescos

Frescos have been decorating the walls of homes and businesses since the dawn of civilization. Bring an ancient Roman décor element to your own home with a stunning fresco wall mural for your walls or to adorn your ceiling. Customer Tambria K. found the perfect fresco mural in our Garden Paintings From Villa of Livia wall mural. She writes, “I am both a gardener as well as a student of ancient Roman history and have admired the frescoes of ancient Rome, in particular the fresco on the walls of Empress Livia's house. It was a delight to bring history—and garden beauty—into my own home.”

More Ways to Shop Wall Art and Art Mural Wallpapers

Looking for something less figurative but no less artistic? Our watercolor wallpapers and abstract murals offer a painterly touch while affording other elements of your room’s décor to occupy the limelight.

Can’t find your favorite artist, or want to create your own custom fine art mural? We’ve got you covered with our Create Your Own option. One of our expert account managers can help you locate licensed fine art images from a vast catalogue of famous artists past and present, or walk you through the steps of uploading your own image file for a customized fine art wallpaper.

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