How To Turn Family Photos Into Wallpaper Murals

Think Outside the Frame

How This Wall Trend Is Freeing Family Photos from Their Frames

Professional designers and homeowners alike are turning to a new way to display family photographs: wallpaper murals. Create a one-of-a-kind mural that keeps your family in focus by creating your own custom wallpaper out of a family photograph.

Our customization options make it easier than ever to transform a family photograph into a stylish wall mural. From changing the colors of your photo to adding text, custom sizing to modifications that account for windows, doors, and more, our professional graphic design team can help you edit your image to create the perfect family photo mural to fit your space and personal style.

Commemorate past generations with vintage photographs or celebrate those still to come with contemporary shots of your kids or grandkids. No matter how you choose to interpret this style, you’re sure to strike upon something unique and sweetly nostalgic.

Past Traditions, New Applications

Paige B. writes that this photo was taken in Denmark during 1960. Uncle John and his wife had just returned from a trip, so the rest of the family gathered to welcome them home in this touching scene. “We have this wallpaper in the entry of our home,” Paige writes. “It always makes us smile when we see it.” Now, this touching image can serve to welcome even more generations of the family home for holidays and other family events.

Keeping Memories Alive

Vintage photograph murals are extremely popular, but using your own photography to make a vintage mural puts a fun, personal spin on this design favorite. Interior designer Kacie of Kacie Cope Interiors celebrated her Nunie’s life by making this vintage snapshot the focal point of her dining room. Kacie notes that when her grandmother was alive, the dining room was the heartbeat of the house. Now, it’s Kacie’s turn to be the force that gathers families and friends together, while still paying tribute to the woman who taught her how.

Modern Twist on the Old Classic

Calder W. was looking for a meaningful way to transform a mostly white kitchen. He and his family decided to use a family photo of them running through a field during a recent vacation as a colorful backsplash. “This image of our family running through the fields at the Biltmore house reminds us how lucky we are every time we walk in the room,” Calder writes. Juxtaposing the clean, modern lines with a soft, natural palette is a great way to make a space more inviting. The family aspect of the mural? Now that’s just the icing on the cake.

Custom Collage Murals

Another great way to feature family photographs in your home’s décor is to craft your own custom collage mural. For an orderly look that feels like a family photo album, consider a straightforward layout such as our homogeneous squares or our varied size grid formats. If you’re looking for something a little more spontaneous, our scattered format mimics the creative jumble of photos you might find in the pages of a scrapbook.

If you had something else in mind, like a photo family tree or a fun family history timeline with text and images, our fully custom option may be the one for you. Our graphic design team will collaborate with you to help craft the perfect design to fit your walls and celebrate your family. To get started, you can contact us for a free consultation. From there, we will then provide a firm estimate including budget and timing, before proceeding to the three rounds of collaborative graphic design work. You can also call us at 888.558.0279 for help getting started with your custom-printed family mural wallpaper.

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