How To Turn Your Favorite Recipe Into A Recipe Wallpaper Mural

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Use Recipe Card Wall Murals as a Sweet Touch to Your Kitchen Décor

2020 has seen a spike in sentimental home décor, and new technology now makes it easier than ever to add elements of your own family history to your home. One of our favorite examples of customers bringing a nostalgic touch to their kitchens is creating their own, one-of-a-kind recipe card wall murals using our Create Your Own option.

recipe card wallpaper mural in dining room
Creating A Culinary Collage

What started as a way to memorialize her grandmother’s beautiful handwriting turned into a multigenerational mural for Brandi H. After deciding to add recipes from her mother and mother-in-law into the mix, Brandi knew she needed a way to tie all these elements together. Our sales team member Paula helped her find the perfect vintage lemon pattern to add a cute border and cohesive feel to this collage mural.

recipe card wallpaper mural in kitchen
Keeping Family Close

Jason B. of Bossier City, LA created this mural out of his late grandmother’s handwritten chocolate pecan pie recipe card. This pie had always been a family favorite, which is why Jason and his family chose this particular recipe to remember her by.

recipe card wallpaper mural in kitchen
Baking Backsplash

When Jayne C. of Gastonia, NC and her family recently remodeled their kitchen, they decided to decorate the backsplash with a mural of their grandma’s blueberry muffin recipe. Small kitchen nooks are a great place for thoughtful design details like this.

recipe card wallpaper mural in cafe
Family Business

Jill A. and her sister know the importance of family, especially when it comes to running a family-owned café in Bryant, AR. Jill says the two of them always want customers to feel at home in their café, and one of the décor details they chose to help create this atmosphere was a mural of their Grandmother Fern’s recipe for chocolate gravy. She says this mural is one of the first things people notice when they walk in the door!

How to Turn Tiny Recipe Cards into A Wall Mural

Now that your creative cogs are turning, let’s get to the “how.”

First things first: You’re going to need a high-quality scan of your recipe.

DPI, or dots per inch, is the standard measure for image printing. To expand that tiny recipe card to a mural-sized masterpiece, we’ll need an image with a minimum of 300 DPI. Higher numbers are not only preferred, they’ll help us ensure that we get all the detail and clarity possible for your recipe wall mural.

Professional print shops such as FedEx Office (formerly FedEx Kinko’s) will have high-quality scanners. If you decide to go to a print shop, be sure to check in advance if they require you to bring your own flash drive or not. Alternately, if you know your home scanner can scan over 300 DPI, feel free to use those scans instead! You can always check the DPI capabilities by checking your scanner’s make and model online.

Please note: for our purposes, pictures of your recipe card won’t be detailed enough. Smart phone cameras are pretty darn good nowadays, but they still won’t deliver enough information for us to make a high-quality mural out of your recipe card.

One more image scanning tip: make sure your scan is in color!

Color scans will catch more of the nuances in tonalities in your recipe card. We can always switch your recipe mural to black and white if you wish, but starting in color gives us more detail and data to work with.

What if you’ve scanned your recipe at 300 DPI or higher and the writing is still faint?

In this case—and if you feel comfortable with it—trace over the writing using a pen with the same color ink. Ink pigment can fade over time, so this touchup can often save you the added expense of our Graphics Team needing to touch up the text in your recipe mural after you send your scan in.

If you’re not comfortable with tracing the handwriting, or are worried the writing is too faint, fear not! Our all-star graphics department will help touch up your image digitally. Fees may apply.

You Have Your High-Quality, Full-Color Scan, Now What?

Upload your .jpeg file under 100 MB to our Create Your Own page. If you have further instructions or just want to check how the scan has turned out, you can use our CYO File Upload Form. A sales account manager will get in contact with you to make sure we have all the information needed to print the mural of your dreams!

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