How To Use Faux Textured Wallpaper For Realistic Looking Wall Decor

We’re Faux Real!

How to use textured wallpapers for an authentic feel

Do you love the rustic texture of woodgrain or the elegant ease of marble, but don’t have it in your décor budget to invest in expensive natural materials? Check out our Textured Wall Murals to see how you can get the aesthetic of your dreams without breaking the bank. Our high-resolution images mean you’ll enjoy a convincing faux texture while skipping the expensive and messy installation.

Modern Farmhouse

While it rose to prominence in 2015, the modern farmhouse style has seen continued and growing interest, and it’s easy to see why. Take authentic country charm, toss in a number of stylish, modern-day amenities, and voilà! If you’re a fan of the style, odds are you’ve also heard about shiplap. But what if you want the look, but don’t want the mess and stress of installing these well-fitted wooden boards? Here’s where our rustic faux wood paneling murals come in handy. Looking for something a little more intricate? Browse our herringbone wood pattern wallpaper for an eye-catching zig-zag wallpaper that draws people’s attention around the room.

Old Wood With Blue Chipped Paint Wallpaper Mural in living room
Multi-colored Herringbone Wood Wallpaper Mural in home


Do your interior aspirations lie closer to the city? Industrial interiors are inspired by the no-nonsense utilitarianism of warehouses and factories. But if you’re not in one of those newly converted warehouse lofts yourself, it may be hard to find key design features like bare bricks and cement slabs. Our detailed wall murals make it easy to attain a grittier look with convincing textures from faux brick wallpaper and unfinished metal to varying textures of concrete.

Cement Wall Texture Wall Mural in living room
Metal texture wall mural in living room

Art Deco

If your tastes lean more toward the opulent end of the spectrum, consider updating your home with a faux marble wallpaper or stone wall mural. The 1920’s Art Deco movement valued elegance—if not downright opulence—and now it’s never been easier to attain this sumptuous style of décor. Find finely veined white marble for bathroom detailing or kitchen backsplashes, or go warm and bold with a full onyx textured accent wall. If you’re a true aficionado of the style, you’ll also enjoy juxtaposing a polished stone wall mural with the flattened geometric patterns so iconic to the era.

White Marble With Grey Veins Mural Wallpaper in salon


What if your interior style refuses to be pigeonholed by more traditional influences? If you’re someone who finds themselves pushing the boundaries of texture and color, consider a 3D wall mural for the ultimate eclectic edge. Eclectic interior design is still fairly contemporary movement, and it’s easy to see why. Explore your creative side with abstractions and optical illusion faux wallpaper accent walls. If you’re already a practitioner of this design philosophy, you know you’ve got the visual chops to pull off something a little more daring.

3D Wave Pattern Mural Wallpaper in living room

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