How To Welcome Back Team Members With Refreshed Office Décor

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Welcome Back Team Members With Refreshed Office Décor

The pandemic has changed the way we think about many daily activities, and work is one of them. The rise of remote work models has many of us reassessing how we use our office space and what corporate offices will look like moving forward.

With more businesses giving team members the option to continue working from home and explore hybrid office models, the opportunity to downsize has also given rise to the chance to reinvigorate your professional space. While your main focus is on safety for your teammates returning to the office, morale and comradery still hold important places in our new workplace environments. Explore how other companies have transformed their corporate spaces using Murals Your Way murals to inspire, energize, and celebrate.

custom wallpaper murals in Switchfly office
Keep Clients Front-and-Center with Custom Wall Murals

Strike a balanced representation of your brand alongside close business partners, clients, and customers with a custom wall mural for your office’s entryway. Bright, bold graphics of easily recognizable logos give this mural a sense of prestige while still celebrating the team members that make the company’s success possible.

Office reception area with custom artwork wallpaper mural

Laura B. | Laura Bendik Interiors | Ellicott City, MD

“This is for my long-time client's headquarters. The mural was made from artwork that he had commissioned by a local artist to incorporate his team and client logos.”

Bring Your Brand Into Focus

Stoke a sense of pride in your product with dynamic feature walls. These tractor murals are a great way to introduce visitors to what the company produces. Plus, the drama of heavy machinery in motion—coupled with the cheery yellow tones of the murals—gives the space an aura of excitement and motivational energy.

tractor mural for West Side Tractor Sales parts department

Lauren C. | West Side Tractor Sales | Lisle, IL

“Eye catching tractor mural for our parts department at our new corporate headquarters.”

Take Pride in Your Company’s History

From humble beginnings to current successes, walk employees through the timeline of your business with an engaging and fully custom timeline collage mural. Bring a sense of legacy, purpose, and company values to the fore with a timeline mural in a shared space such as a cafeteria or hallway. Our in-house graphics team will help you design an intriguing and creative visual representation of your business’s trajectory over the years while generating excitement for the new heights you’ll reach as a team.

custom timeline wallpaper mural in Granite Construction office

Regina N. | Granite Construction | Tampa, FL

“Moving to a new office for the first time in 30 years, we wanted to provide not only the employees a sense of pride, but clients a sense of accomplishment.”

Celebrate Your Clientele

Show off your finished product with a mural that displays your service and celebrates the customers you’ve already helped. Our varied size mural collage option is a great way to showcase your satisfied customers, whether you want to inspire your staff with success stories or display the end-product to potential clients.

custom collage wallpaper mural in Good Look Ink office

Roxanne C. | Good Look Ink | Minneapolis, MN

“At Good Look Ink our mission is to become the worlds most trusted SMP [Scalp Micropigmentation] provider by making people look and feel great. Murals Your Way helped us capture amazing results and provide a feeling of belonging. People who have hair loss can be embarrassed about how they look. Knowing they are surrounded by others with similar traits provides hope. The murals make our space.”

Brighten Your Space with Stunning Vistas

Renew common spaces like conference rooms and break areas with scenic landscape murals. Nature-inspired décor doesn’t only refresh a room, it can create a calming atmosphere that invites focus and encourages collaboration. From sublime desert landscape murals to iconic images of National Parks, nature murals offer the perfect focal point for office spaces.

landscape wall mural in Aquariums of the Bay office

Brian H. | Aquariums of the Bay | San Francisco, CA

“We wanted to feature something colorful, but also related to the San Francisco Bay environment. The mural features an aerial photo of salt evaporation ponds, taken by photographer Robert Campbell. The wide range of colors can be attributed to micro-organisms, salinity, and the season.”

More Office Mural Ideas

The process of welcoming workers back to the office may involve new signage for safety procedures or new policies for package pick-ups and deliveries. Create tasteful temporary signage using our peel-and-stick SmartStick material for murals that are as easy to remove as they are to install.

For glass surfaces such as front doors and entrances, our paste-free Frosted Window Film material is an excellent way to create window coverings that easily convey important information while also featuring company logos and branding for a cohesive, professional look.

Are you looking to connect with us to discuss your ideas or plan a mural design project? You can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an Account Manager. We’re here to help!

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