Decorate With Frosted Window Films

Protect Your Privacy, Visually Enhance Your Space

Our removable and reusable Frosted Window Film allows in light while obscuring the details of the space behind it, making this film an excellent choice for enhancing the privacy of your space. Effortlessly cover glass and plexiglass surfaces like windows and doors with a stylish nature scene or modern geometric pattern printed on our Frosted Window Film material. This opaque, matte film is paste-free and simple to install thanks to its micro-adhesion technology. Simply apply water to both the surface and the mural itself, position the mural, adjust as necessary, and squeegee off the excess liquid.

Frosted Window Film for Business

Window films can help complete an immersive décor scheme. Whether you want to create a tropical island getaway in an office or explore the ocean depths in a dental practice, the light filtering through your Frosted Window Film mural illuminates the details of the design and adds dimension to your space.

Protecting patients’ privacy is a top priority in any healthcare setting. Whether you’re looking to shield a waiting area from prying eyes in a medical office or want added privacy for patients’ hospital rooms, Frosted Window Film murals are an excellent and stylish way to offer your visitors the privacy they desire. Sooth anxious nerves with stunning mountain vistas, or continue a fun, playful theme by continuing a room wrap wall mural on the windows.

Frosted Window Film for Home

Everyone wants to feel safe in their home. For added privacy, homeowners have been turning to window films as a stylish way to cover their windows and glass doors. Frosted Window Film murals are the perfect solution for too-close neighbors and overexposed spaces like first floor apartments. Plus—since the window film is paste-free—repositioning, removing, and even reusing your Frosted Window Film mural is easy.

Due to the micro-adhesion suction technology of our Frosted Window Film, this material is a great choice for high humidity and moisture areas such as bathrooms. Use our window film to create a stunning jungle view on a glass shower door, or cover your windows with a beautiful floral motif for some added privacy that still lets sunlight in.

Customize Your Frosted Window Film

Our customizations options make it easier than ever to include your own logos, brands, and fonts in your Frosted Window Film mural. To learn more about the customized services we offer, explore our custom wallpaper mural page for a detailed overview of our options and ideas on how to get started.

When choosing your image, Frosted Window Film can be found on every page as shown in the example below.

Do you have an idea for a Frosted Window Film mural design that you can’t find on our website? We’re here to help! You can Create Your Own custom window film design to suit your tastes and your room’s style. For some help getting started, contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to get connected with an account manager.

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