Stunning Watercolor Wallpaper Ideas

Add A Splash of Color!

Why Watercolor Wallpapers Are Everywhere Right Now

Watercolor paintings look deceptively simple, but if you’ve ever tried to create one for yourself you know they require patience, practice, and a whole lot of skill. The good news is we went to the professionals, so you can get a painterly look for your walls without touching a brush yourself!

Meet Our Artists

At Murals Your Way, we have a talented roster of artists. Among their ranks are numerous accomplished watercolor painters, covering styles from drips and dabs to finely detailed figuratives.

If a coastal home is your aim, Cindy Lane’s watercolor murals will be right up your alley. Working in a stunning range of blue hues from pantone to teal, Cindy’s paintings depict dreamy cosmic whales and watery sea depths. Check out her more marbled flow painting pieces for some truly textured ocean currents.

Scorpio Waves Wall Mural in bathroom

Avery Tillmon’s watercolor wallpapers are the perfect balance between modern simplicity and natural beauty. Her work includes hazy abstract landscapes, lush pastel forests, and delicate grasses. Use these murals for an understated but beautiful effect.

Dawn Watercolor Wallpaper Mural in dining room

Those looking for a showstopping accent wall will find it in Jennifer Redstreake’s portfolio. Jennifer crafts nebulous galaxies of color. Her abstract watercolor wallpaper designs often ombre between pinks and blues, but her Galaxy of Color wallpaper mural proves she’s also adept at working with all the colors of the rainbow.

Transcendent Blues And Pinks Wallpaper Mural in home office

Lezlee Elliot’s work spans the creative spectrum. Her gorgeous monochrome bee and butterfly designs evoke harmony with nature. Meanwhile her color blocked abstracts with metallic gold accents introduce a sense of play and positive energy.

Gold Foil Pastels Wall Mural in living room

David Bromstad, of HGTV fame, has lent his creative talents to ensure you can have gorgeous, professional-approved murals for your home. Among his many other styles, David has created a number of bold, blue watercolor drips and drops. He also has a series of floral still life watercolor wall murals.

Feeling Blue II Wall Mural in bedroom

Large Format Watercolor Mural Wallpaper

Cover large spaces in one fell swoop (of a brush). Make large areas like living and dining rooms seem more intimate by adding a large accent wall. Abstract watercolor wallpaper is well suited to total wall coverage. See the details and tonalities of color on a grand scale, and draw people’s eyes around the room.

Monochromatic Watercolor Wall Murals

A minimalist style can still have fun and creative elements. Enliven a monotone color palette with a spontaneous burst of color. Watercolor wallpapers make for an easy cornerstone to base any color story around. Check out this room-sized work of art, and how green watercolor wallpaper can breathe new life into a living room.

Mint Green Watercolor Texture Wall Mural in living room

Intricate Watercolor Floral Wallpaper

Far from watered down, these simple and complex watercolor flower wallpaper patterns give your room a hand painted touch. If you’re working with a small space such as a nursery or bathroom, try a more diminutive repeat to add dimension to the room. If you’re looking to bedeck a living room or dining room, large floral patterns can help make the space more intimate.

Trend Alert: Watercolor Tropical Leaf Wallpaper Patterns

Exotic Banana Leaf Pattern Wallpaper in bedroom

We’ve been seeing them everywhere: great, big banana leaf wallpaper patterns and small, delicate palm leaf wallpaper patterns. These tropical watercolor leaf patterns leave plenty of white space on a wall while introducing a verdant, natural vibe. Whether you’re avidly participating in the rattan furniture renaissance or simply like basking in the sun, topical wallpaper patterns are the perfect way to bring greenery inside with you.

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