The Positive Impact Of Art In Medical Facilities

For all the wonderful, life-saving work they do, hospitals and medical clinics can often appear scary, sterile, and intimidating to patients both young and old – but calming and cheerful wall murals can help! Art has the ability to transform spaces and not only provide solace, but significantly improve the health of patients. Wall murals can serve as an important tool within healthcare facilities. Not only can they create a nurturing and inviting environment, but they can also aid in wayfinding and signage. The scientific community has made many discoveries behind the power or art and healing and continues to document the positive connection between the two.

Macro photography wall mural in medical office

Dental office wall mural


No matter how routine visits may be, children can find being at the hospital or doctor’s office a stressful and frightening experience. However, art has been proven to be an invaluable resource for pediatric medical facilities. Fun designs and bright colors can help ease children’s fears of being in an unfamiliar building by creating a warm and comforting place of healing. Art plays a key environmental attribute to children’s hospital experience. This includes:

  • Providing a source of visual entertainment, distraction, and engagement
  • Assisting children in maintaining a positive frame of mind
  • Reducing stress and improving clinical outcomes
Floral Authentic Carpet Design Mural Wallpaper in pediatric waiting area

Pediatric medical office coloring wall mural

Wall mural designs can help children overcome their fear of procedures and large machinery too. Equipment like MRIs, X-ray machines, and CT scanners can induce anxiety and fear among young patients. By reimagining the equipment and the surrounding space with kid-friendly themes, like jungle safari, under the sea, and outer space, these medical processes become a less stressful experience for children and more of an adventure.

Sealife Wall Mural in MRI room

Hospital room wrap

Room wraps, too, help transform healthcare settings into unique, thoughtful environments. They immerse people of all ages, especially children, in a positive experience. By decorating a room with fun theme, like zoo animals or an enchanted forest, room wraps can serve as a positive distraction for young patients and decrease their anxiety.

Medical Offices

Helping patients feel comfortable is the first step in a successful doctor visit. Art within medical offices help craft the perfect atmosphere for both patients and employees. Images of the natural world – landscapes, plants, flower, and more – are most popular and can reduce stress. Art in medical offices measurably increase:

  • Patient and employee satisfaction
  • Patient, visitor, and employee perception of quality of care
  • Brand recognition

Wall murals can be used throughout the entire medical office, from waiting areas and exam rooms to hallways and restrooms. Incorporating a theme throughout the entire office, like tropical beaches or woodland forests, can provide visual stimulation while easing tension.

Beach Mural in medical office

Medical office wall mural

Dental Clinics

Whether pediatric, orthodontic, or anything in-between, it is important to make your dental office as relaxing as possible. Within a dental clinic, art can:

  • Serve as a distraction for patients, reducing their stress and anxiety during dental procedures
  • Decrease patient perception of pain
Cannon Beach View Wall Mural in dental office

Wallpaper murals are an easy way to create an inviting atmosphere for patients of all ages. Seek and Find wall murals can be placed in the waiting room to entertain children and parents. Ceiling wallpaper provides a positive distraction and engages patients during examinations. You can even help educate young patients with a fun yet informational wall mural that illustrates the importance of oral health.

Bright Smile Wallpaper Mural in dental office

Pediatric dental office wallpaper mural


Whether it’s a routine checkup or illness, an appointment with a doctor shouldn’t be intimidating. Easing apprehension among patients can be as simple as providing an atmosphere that makes them feel comfortable and confident. The display of visual art, especially images of nature, can have positive effects on health outcomes, including:

  • Clinical outcomes, such as length of hospital stay, intake of pain medication, or biological markers like blood pressure and heart rate
  • Boosting the immune system by lowering levels of chemicals that cause inflammation that can trigger diabetes, heart attacks and other illnesses
  • Patient-, family-, and employee-based outcomes, such as patients’ rate levels of perceived pain, satisfaction with healthcare services or working conditions

Wallpaper murals can act as a powerful tool for diverting the minds of patients, whether in the waiting area, exam room, or hallways. Decorating with serene scenes of nature, like a beautiful waterfall, lush forest, or colorful garden, will put patients and their family at ease. Wall murals can also serve as a successful wayfinding system and help direct people throughout a hospital.

Blush Magnolia Wallpaper Mural in hospital

Hospital wall mural

Wall murals and wallpaper can be easily incorporated into any medical setting, whether you want to decorate a single wall in the waiting room or incorporate an overall theme in each office or create a unique experience with a room wrap.

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