Trend Alert: Ceiling Wallpaper and Wall Murals

Don’t Forget Your Fifth Wall

You’ve probably seen more and more wallpapered ceilings turning up on your social media feeds. If you’re wondering, “Why wallpaper a ceiling?” you’ve come to the right place. Ceiling wallpaper serves as an answer to a myriad of design conundrums while also serving to boost aesthetic interest in any space. Whether you’re looking to highlight architectural features like an artfully recessed ceiling or you simply don’t have wall space to decorate due to windows and doors, ceiling wallpaper can bring a bold impact to the room as well as a unifying design element.

What Are The Pros Doing?

Interior designers are embracing the fifth wall and coming up with all kinds of creative ways to decorate ceilings in a way that complements and enhances the aesthetic of the room overall. Some designers have played with continuing a mural design from wall to ceiling, while others have found show-stopping ways to use ceiling murals for immersive optical illusions and intriguing overall effects.

Already sold on the idea of applying wallpaper to your ceiling? If you’re looking for some guidance on how to get started, you can check out our blog post on how to wallpaper a ceiling. Still looking for a little inspo? Keep reading to see what professional designers have been doing to bring some wow to clients’ ceilings.

Swim Under the Stars

From highly realistic sky ceiling wallpaper that creates a trompe l’oeil effect to artistic starry night sky wall murals, open your space up to the vastness of the cosmos with stunning sky-inspired ceiling murals. For this indoor pool, the designers at Dual Concept Design truly made our Galaxy wallpaper mural their own. The designer writes, “We had this mural embellished by a local artist with hand-painted with glitter paint, as well as added Swarovski crystal. Your mural was just what we needed to make this space sparkle.”

Turning A Café On It’s Head

Don’t miss an opportunity to create a lasting impression on customers with your restaurant’s décor. Decorating your ceiling can lead to unexpected surprises that will awe and excite new visitors. Interior designer Vanessa DeLeon of Vanessa DeLeon Associates created a fantastical second location for the East Coast-based Brownstone Pancake Factory. Vanessa says, “In design I love being innovative, and thinking outside the box. Using custom wallpaper allowed me to be creative and expressive.”

Personalized Pantry

Grace Mitchel, designer and HGTV personality, is an expert on creating décor that reflects a family’s personality. She says, “On my first meeting with the awesome Flores family, I was struck by the amount of serving pieces, glassware, and part supplies they owned and were storing all over their house! Thus the Party Pantry was born and made complete with art from Kelly Kay Paper that we enlarged thanks to Murals Your Way and put on the ceiling.” Even if a room doesn’t have much wall space due to cabinetry, windows, or whatever else, ceilings are prime real estate for expressing your own personal style.

Sky’s the Limit

Why stop with just a feature wall? Interior designer Kelly Khroun from the Creative Design Group extended this scenic nighttime forest mural to the ceiling of the client’s son’s bedroom. “This boy is into astronomy and enjoys the night sky,” Kelly writes. “We used shades of blue in this space with hints of natural textures and tones. This mural enhanced the space so well that we decided to bring the imagery up to the ceiling as well!”

Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas

Now that you’ve seen what the pros have been up to, feel free to explore ceiling wallpaper options of your own. Our carefully curated ceiling mural and wallpaper collection includes great places to get started including tree canopy murals and fine art frescos.

Have an idea in mind for a ceiling wallpaper or wall mural design that you just can’t seem to find? Don’t forget you can always customize one of our designs to fit your needs, or create your own design entirely using our Create Your Own option. For help getting started, talk with an experienced Account Manager by contacting us or calling us at 888.558.0279.

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