Create Wayfinding Signage With Wall Murals

And Why You Should Use It

Wayfinding has become a buzzword in the realm of planning and design, but is it just a passing fad or a best practice system that’s here to stay?

An Introduction to Wayfinding

Wayfinding is a system of signage used in complex and heavily trafficked locations to ensure the easy and successful navigation of visitors. Wayfinding signage provides people with visual cues including color coordination, symbols, and/ or distinct motifs to distinguish between locations within a complex campus or building.

One of the key tenants of wayfinding is simplification. Signage should be streamlined so that directions are clear, concise, and consistent. Include only the information that is needed, and do away with unnecessary visual elements or excess information. For examples of sets of stylistically complimentary wayfinding murals, explore our curated collection of wayfinding mural sets, designed by our own expert team of graphic designers. From scenic landscapes to cute cartoon patterns, our assortment covers an array of styles and themes that are a perfect jumping-off point for any wayfinding implementation project.

Why Wayfinding is Important

We’ve all had to navigate unfamiliar places, whether it’s racing through an airport to catch a flight or locating a loved one in an unfamiliar hospital. Having clear, direct signage not only makes the process of navigation easier, it reduces anxiety for already stressed visitors. Wayfinding strategies ensure guests can navigate your campus or building with ease, which improves their guest experience overall.

How to Use Wayfinding

An example of successful wayfinding is a pediatric medical facility that installs murals from one of our kid-friendly wayfinding mural sets in elevator banks, stairways, hallways, and front desks. Start by exploring our pre-designed mural sets geared towards kids such as the imaginative Storybook Scenes wayfinding mural set or the bright and colorful Cartoon Critters wayfinding mural set.

Once you have a set selected, you can customize the design any way you like, from incorporating relevant information like floor registries, adding advertising elements like logos or mascots, changing the color, and so much more. Our expert team of in-house graphic designers can also help create complimentary panels using the same theme and style to tie-in each wayfinding mural design throughout the floor or department.

Installing mural panels at key access points such as stairs and elevators ensures that visitors can easily orient themselves within the space and identify the direction of their destination. Panels of the same mural further down the hallway allow visitors to monitor their route and ensure they’re still on the right path. Finally, mural panels at the front desk allow visitors to identify their destination and know that they’ve arrived successfully.

Complete each floor with metal signage in a contrasting color over the mural that includes a large Arabic numeral representing the floor and a sign identifying the department, both in the same font. Thanks to our customization options, you can also have this signage added within the mural itself.

Further Ways to Implement Wayfinding
  • Distinguish terminals in a large airport with soothing nature panoramic murals that put travelers in a relaxed state of mind and hint at the adventures to come. The exceptional size of photographer Jim Tarpo’s panoramic murals allow you to cover large spaces without loosing detail. Decorate Terminal A in the breathtaking reds and oranges of Zion National Park while distinguishing Terminal B with the topical blue Real Del Mar mural.
  • Make an immediate impression on a college or university campus with wayfinding signage that aids navigation for visitors and new students alike. Assign the portion of a building dedicated to biology classes a stunning macro photograph of Water Droplets on a Fir Branch while differentiating the geology department with a beautifully intricate Polished Cut of Agate .
  • Help visitors navigate your museum with wayfinding signage that incorporates your most popular attractions using our Create Your Own option. Don’t miss the opportunity to create matching custom timelines with our collage mural feature.
  • Install wayfinding wallpaper in a senior living facility or nursing home to help residents recognize where they are and effectively navigate to where they’re trying to go. In this context wayfinding signage is also a method of welcoming residents’ families and making their visit easier.
  • Help memory care patients ground themselves with wayfinding murals that provide clues about where residents are and where they’re trying to go. Use a large food-themed mural outside a cafeteria or communal dining area, or identify a recreation room with a mural of a chess board, deck of cards, or other recognizable board game.

Room Wraps and Wayfinding

Another great idea for wayfinding murals in kid-centric settings is using our custom-designed room wraps to cover large spaces with fun, immersive, and engaging cartoon scenes. Perhaps the first graders at your school attend classes in a wing covered by the underwater seascape of our Make Waves room wrap, while second graders have graduated to the fun summer vibes of our Endless Beach room wrap.

Or maybe you want to capture the imagination of young patients at a children’s specialty hospital with a wayfinding Candy Kingdom room wrap for the orthopedics department, an Enchanted Forest room wrap for neurology, and so on.

Keep the Wayfinding Murals Continuous with Frosted Window Film

Our graphic design team can modify large wayfinding murals to fit seamlessly around windows and doors, but if you want to keep the design continuous you may also want to consider using our Frosted Window Film. Featuring water-activated micro-adhesion technology, this easy to install and removeable window film is opaque enough to add extra privacy to spaces while still letting natural light filter through.

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