Food Network: American Diner Revival

In Food Network’s TV series American Diner Revival, Ty Pennington and Amanda Freitag team up to help classic American diners across the country. Utilizing the combination of Ty’s design and carpentry skills and Amanda’s culinary expertise, the duo empowers local towns and lends a hand in saving their struggling diners. With the help of residents, they only have a few days to totally transform a beloved establishment and surprise unsuspecting and deserving owners with the surprise of a lifetime!

Murals Your Way contributed wallpaper murals to many of these diners, infusing each with some unique flair and personality.

Red Hots Coney Island

Red Hots Coney Island has been a Detroit area fixture since 1921. Featuring the region's famous Coney Dogs and owner Rich's secret-spiced chili, the diner has drawn faithful customers for years. But the economic downturn affected this family business, and the deteriorating décor and limited menu weren’t helping. With the help of longtime customers, Ty brought the diner back to its 1950s heyday. A classic diner checkerboard floor, vintage-inspired chairs and booths, and a custom-printed retro themed wall mural with a bold design helped spice up the new space.

Retro wallpaper murals on American Diner Revival
Retro wallpaper mural in Red Hots Coney Island Food Network

Johny’s Luncheonette

New York wallpaper mural used in Johny's Luncheonette Food Network
New York wallpaper mural used in Johny's Luncheonette American Diner Revival

There are just a few classic, old-school luncheonettes left in New York City, and Johny's is one of them. As the neighborhood changed and brought in high-end competitors, Johny’s needed a whole new attitude to establish itself as a foodie destination. Ty and Amanda breathed new life into the space and replaced the counter, reupholstered the stools, and added new ceiling tiles. For a more eye-catching interior, Murals Your Way printed a retro postcard-inspired wallpaper mural for the diner. The design gives Johny’s Luncheonette an old-school look with a modern twist!

Andrew’s Diner

Andrew’s Diner in Wilton Manors, Florida, feels like a home away from home to many. But with its drab décor and deep-fried dishes, it also left a bad taste in the mouths of customers, especially with new trendy eateries popping up all over town. Ty and Amanda used their skills to transform the diner into a bright and modern eatery. Palm leaf wallpaper from Murals Your Way added some style to the once boring walls.

Palm tree wallpaper mural in Andrew's Diner on Food Network
Palm tree wallpaper mural in Andrew's Diner American Diner Revival

The Greeks

The Greeks diner has been feeding the hardworking men and women of Kearny, NJ for nearly 50 years. As a slew of new chain restaurants moved into the area, it’s apparent the restaurant could use some much-needed TLC. Ty brought the diner back to its glory days by giving it a vintage vibe and a classic gray-and-white color palette. A fashionable wall mural was added to emphasize the retro look while also creating a cool focal point.

vintage sign wallpaper mural in diner Food Network

Liz's Kitchen

utensil wallpaper in Liz's Kitchen American Diner Revival

Liz’s Kitchen in Goodlettsville, TN, has been serving up classic Southern comfort food since it first opened in 2010, but the death of the owners’ son put the family (and the restaurant) into a tailspin. Cue a total transformation! Besides a new hostess station and tables, the interior was refreshed with new paint and a wall mural. It became a perfect way to display daily specials and features.

Vickie's Diner

Vickie's Diner in Las Vegas has seen better days. What was once a state-of-the-art diner is now rundown with no defining design or dining. In hopes of re-energizing the slowing business, Ty and Amanda put their skills to the test and revitalize the restaurant in just 48 hours! The goal was to bring the diner back to its former glory, when the likes of Elvis and Liberace were customers. With a new pink-and-black color scheme, brass-colored wainscoting, and a Vegas wall mural, the diner achieved a cool old-school vibe.

Las Vegas wallpaper mural used in Vickie's Diner Food Network
Las Vegas wallpaper mural used in Vickie's Diner Food Network

Linda Kay's

Linda Kay's Diner in Scranton is not okay — it's a mess! Because the diner is in disarray and debt, owner Linda has put off marrying the love of her life, James. With its dingy carpets, worn countertops, and missing barstools, the interior space definitely needed a facelift. Ty brought in a new color scheme, furnishing, and a creative love-letter wallcovering to incorporate a romantic theme throughout the restaurant. Not only did the diner get a makeover, but Linda and James finally got their happily-ever-after and held an impromptu wedding!

love letters wallpaper mural used on American Diner Revival

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