HGTV: One Of A Kind

In one of HGTV’s newest shows, One of a Kind, renovator and interior designer Grace Mitchell creates truly one-of-a-kind designs based on homeowners’ personal stories, family histories, and individual passions. Backed by her loveable crew and with a little help from Murals Your Way, Grace elevates interior spaces while infusing some eclectic and imaginative flair.

Music lovers – this one's for you!

HGTV’s One of a Kind is back for season 2! Grace and her team transform client’s homes into one that is personalized and tells their stories. The first episode of the new season is music to our ears - see how Grace elevates interior spaces while infusing some imaginative flair with wallpaper murals!

The Nokes Family

Ruth and Bryson Nokes purchased a mid-century home that needed a ton of updating. The main draw to the house was the fact that it’s on a lake — the Nokes absolutely love the water. Ruth Nokes is a photographer but takes way more pictures of other families than she does her own. Grace came up with a sweet idea to do a family photoshoot — one where Ruth would be in front of the camera as opposed to behind it. The Nokes probably thought the photo would be framed somewhere, but that’s not Grace’s style! Instead, Grace turned the family photo into a wall mural for the fireplace.

The Anthis Family

The Anthis Family is passionate about cooking and gardening. Alex's parents, originally from El Salvador, moved to North America when Alex was 2 years old and opened a restaurant in Alberta, Canada. To help tell the story of their family, Grace enlarged a copy of the restaurant's menu and turned it into wallpaper. The ink on the menu perfectly matches the paint of the brand-new kitchen cabinets.

The Schultz Family

Grace makes sure every home she touches tells the homeowners' stories. When she learned that homeowners Charlie and Erin wrote each other love letters to each other throughout their relationship, Grace knew she had to incorporate it into her design. She took those sweet letters and transformed them into wallpaper!

Grace had Charlie take photos of his and Erin's favorite spots around Fort Worth, Texas and had them turned into wallpaper to cover the office cabinets.

The Flores Family

Amy and Isaace Flores met while working at a restaurant and love nothing more than to serve, host, and entertain. What was once their old dining room, Grace transformed into the party pantry, allowing for the Flores’ to store their collection of serving platters. To add a little pizazz to the party pantry, Grace used this vintage utensil wallpaper on the ceiling.

The pantry wasn’t the only space to receive the wallpaper treatment! Grace infused a beach lounging vibe into the Flores’ newly renovated laundry room. Inspired by the couple’s love of Positano, she took a photo snapped during their honeymoon and made it into a stunning wall mural!

The Thinnes Family

Grace and her team combined unexpected personal elements and even a windmill to turn Trista and Mark's Fort Worth house into a home that tells their story in a touching and uniquely personal way. Grace turned a book about Mark's ancestors, who founded Abilene, Texas, into the centerpiece of the new design. The living room features a vintage map wall mural.

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