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All-Fill, Inc.

Business Case Study


All-Fill is an industry leader in packaging machinery, specializing in a variety of filling machines, checkweigher inspection equipment and vertical form fill and seal bagging machines. They recently expanded and had two very large walls, as well as an area at the top of their stairs that they wanted to dress up with murals. Robin Tait, Director of Interior Design at Bernardon, had previously worked with Murals Your Way and suggested them for the project.

Murals Your Way Solution:

All Fill Murals

All fill had 3 images that they wanted to use for the murals. One of the images was a page from a 1969 company ledger book. Because the size of the ledger page was so small, and the mural so large, the Graphics team at Murals Your Way was called in to enhance the images to get the sharpest image possible. For material, Murals Your Way recommended top coat to increase the durability of the murals in high traffic areas.


All-Fill's new addition looks incredible with their custom murals. Their branded elements and images of filling machines are the perfect fit for their new addition. In addition to the original three murals they ordered, they ordered an additional mural for their breakout room a few months later.

All Fill Murals
"The murals look great! Thank you." — Ryan Edginton

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