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Big Boy Restaurants

Business Case Study


This franchise began in 1936 when Bob Wian, of Glendale California, invented the double-decker hamburger and the Big Boy was born. What was once a small 10-seat diner is now a chain of successful restaurants located in California, Nevada, Arizona, Hawaii, Florida, North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan and North Dakota.

The goal and standard for all Big Boy restaurants is to create a clean family atmosphere with attractive and comfortable surroundings, as well as generate a fun, friendly environment for customers to enjoy during their dining experience.

Big Boy Customer Example
Big Boy Customer Example

Murals Your Way Solution:

Big Boy restaurants were decorated with framed pictures and wallpaper until designers decided they wanted to create a greater focal point and opted for murals. They made the switch from another mural company to Murals Your Way due to "substantial cost savings and material specifications... the first murals were more like contact paper than heavy duty wall covering."

"It has been a great experience working with Murals Your Way. Quick turnaround times, attention to detail and great service has made our implementation of the custom Big Boy mural extremely successful." — Susan Drouillard


After years of working together, Big Boy restaurants still request the quality murals of Murals Your Way. Susan Drouillard of Big Boy restaurants says, "We, along with our franchisees, have been extremely happy with the quality of the materials used and the images portrayed. Owners, as well as customers, are usually very impressed with the mural when installed."

Big Boy Customer Example
Big Boy Customer Example

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