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Cafe Atlantis

Business Case Study


Café Atlantis is a steak & seafood restaurant in Harrisburg, PA, owned by Gary Huether and his partner, Mike. The space had previously been an Italian restaurant with hand painted murals. They had to go because Café Atlantis was focusing its attention on an underwater sea theme. The designer (Gary's mother, Debbie) knew how costly hand painted murals might be, so she set out to find something that looked hand painted, would relate to the restaurant's theme, but wouldn't break the bank.

Cafe Atlantis Customer Example
Cafe Atlantis Customer Example

Murals Your Way Solution:

Debbie went on the internet and typed in 'atlantis and king neptune murals' and lo and behold... Murals Your Way came up! "The King Neptune mural (Guardian of the Sea) and the waters of Oahu (Underwater Dreaming) were beyond my imagination. They were perfect! We even matched some of the fish in the 7' fish and lobster tank to the colorful fish in the murals."

"We purchased five murals and the very timely fashion of delivery was absolutely the very best experience. I also bought the accessory kit for hanging the murals and my paper hanger couldn't have been more pleased... On a scale of 1 to 10, we have to give them an 11 or higher!" — Debbie Huether


A quote from Debbie says it all: "We definitely achieved the feeling of being at Atlantis Hotel in the Bahamas, and when we play the soft reggae music throughout the restaurant it feels like you're on vacation. You can't believe the amount of calls we get about the murals. People actually feel them because they think they're painted. My son and partner absolutely loved them! On a scale of 1 to 10, we have to give them an 11 or higher! As a designer for a custom builder, I can surely appreciate the professionalism, quality and expertise of their consultants and product. I plan on a continuing relationship with Murals Your Way and look forward to fitting them into our custom home business. There will be no more extravagant expenses as I know we will be able to find what we need at Murals Your Way and get the same look for a fraction of the cost."

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