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Euphrazya Salon

Business Case Study


Euphrazya Salon opened its doors on July 10th, 2008. The salon is named for the owner, Sarah Perhach's middle name, as well as a type of purple and white flower. Sarah wanted to combine her love of art and interior decorating with her love of styling to create an experience that would add impact as soon as someone walked through Euphrazya's doors. She had never worked with murals previously, but after finding the Murals Your Way website, she knew that bright, colorful murals were exactly what she wanted.

Euphrazya Salon with murals

Murals Your Way Solution:

The Euphrazya project had more than 500 square feet of murals, which made Sarah a little nervous about ordering the murals online. When she called and spoke to a mural consultant, she was put at ease and guided through the ordering process. She was shown how to crop the images on the website so that she could make all the designs a little bit different (and exactly how she wanted them) for each wall. With time constraints on the opening of the salon, getting the custom murals printed and installed was critical. Murals Your Way delivered on time and the murals were installed with time to spare.

"I was extremely happy about the quality and the colors of the murals, it was exactly what I had ordered and lived up to every expectation." — Sarah Perhach
Bamboo murals at Euphrazya Salon


Euphrazya's decor, with the bright paint colors and bold mural designs, created a story within the salon. "I am so proud of the decor of the salon and proud to have the murals in it because it is unlike anything anyone in this area has ever seen. The reaction that the salon gets from clients is unreal. If I am not asked ten times a day where the murals came from, then it's not a normal day," says Sarah.

"I have no problem referring people to Murals Your Way because they deliver quality products and go above and beyond to assist in the ordering process, as well as the installation."

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