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OxyHeal Health Group

Business Case Study


Oxyheal Health Group, along with Chief Operating Officer Ed Chomas, planned to install a hyperbaric chamber at the University Medical Center (UMC), Las Vegas, NV in order to perform Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Treatments (HBOT) for its patients. The oxygen therapy allows the blood to carry more oxygen, enables the body's ability to fight bacteria, heal wounds and significantly enhances patient outcomes in a number of areas such as orthopedics, surgery, infectious disease, radiation oncology and emergency medicine.

Ted has a love for underwater marine life and felt that the calming factor of an underwater mural would bring patients greater comfort while undergoing therapy. Patients entering a hyperbaric chamber are often there as a result of trauma. Dr. Gregory Diette, Assistant Professor of Pulmonary and Critical Care, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, M.D. has an underwater themed mural in his treatment room, and he advises that his "patients who looked at the mural during the procedure were 43% more likely to report pain control as good or excellent."

Murals Your Way Solution:

OxyHeal Customer Example

After searching through a number of images, they were able to decide which images to use. Detailed measurements and blue-prints of the hyperbaric chamber were passed along to graphic artist at MYW. The artist edited and rearranged the underwater life until both Ted and Ed were happy with the final product. Once the chamber was installed, the final measurements and adjustments were made on site and the mural was printed and shipped to Las Vegas for installation.

"They were the best customer service representatives I have ever worked with in my entire life!" — Ed Chomas


Oxyheal Health Group was extremely happy with the product they received from Murals Your Way. The wallpaper installer gave high reviews in regards to the quality of the product and the ease of installation. Ed Chomas, Chief Operating Officer of Oxyheal, also reported enjoying the process of working with Murals Your Way stating, "They were the best customer service representatives I have ever worked with in my entire life!"

OxyHeal Customer Example
OxyHeal Customer Example

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