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What’s Your Favorite Color?

It’s never been easier to shop by color. From earthy, renewing green to bright, energetic orange, our color categories make it simple to browse by your favorite color.

Match your walls to an existing color scheme by using the shades next to the color of your choice on the color wheel. If you’re a fan of red but don’t want to overwhelm your walls, look for an analogous colors like the red-violet in the Flowers In Unity mural or the red-orange color of the Mentoring mural for the walls and leave other details like upholstery or decorations to the color red itself.

Want something a little more dramatic? Clash with a complimentary color! Pair the cool blue tones of a couch with a warm, sunny orange found in the Morning Sky wall mural wall mural for a dynamic effect. Complimentary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel and create high-energy contrasts.

How to Use Warm and Cool Colors

Colors elicit different emotions from us. Warm colors—like orange, yellow, and red—are lively and energizing. Use them as backdrops for social occasions by installing warm colored wall murals in living rooms, dining rooms, and other spaces where you entertain regularly.

Cool colors—blues, grays, and cool browns—are better for private spaces dedicated to focus and thought. While we like the warmth of reds and oranges in social settings, cool tones are great for clearing our mind and organizing our thoughts in spaces like offices.

What about greens and purples? They’re both hybrids, with their warmth or coolness determined by the ratio of warm versus cool colors mixed to produce them. Green mixed with more yellow to produce a lime green like the color in the Success And Status To Achieve In Life word cloud mural, for example, is a warm shade of green, while green mixed with more blue produces a cool Kelly green like the color in the Eat Fresh Pattern wallpaper.

Looking for other ways to shop colorful wall murals? Shopping by pattern is another great way to explore our multicolored wallpapers. Otherwise our city murals and sunrise and sunset murals are also excellent sources of vibrant colors.

Not quite finding what you’re looking for? Our Create Your Own wall mural option means we can help you create the mural or wallpaper of your dreams.

Need help finding the perfect colorful mural for your next project? We’re here to help! Contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an Account Manager.

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