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A Style for the Ages

Since their rise to prominence during the Industrial Revolution of Victorian-era of England, engraved prints and etched illustrations have enchanted and beguiled viewers with their alluring, intricate detail and refined appearance. During this era, the process of printing engraved images became streamlined with the introduction of metal plates and commercial printing presses. Artists carefully carved lines in these metal plates to hold the ink, often resulting in exquisite levels of detail for landscapes, diagrams, and educational illustrations intended for reproduction in textbooks and art books.

Etched illustrations, on the other hand, often produced a much looser, seemingly hand-sketched result. Etchings result from applying acid to a metal plate prepared with a wax base that the artist then carves into. The acid eats away the exposed metal, creating fissures that hold the ink. Etchings contain a wide range of tonal variation depending on the duration the metal is exposed to the acid, which can result in deep black lines as well as shades of gray.

How to Decorate with Engraved Landscape Wallpaper

Vintage engraved landscape wall murals create stunning accent walls and showstopping décor in any space. Detailed lines and crosshatch shading techniques combine to deliver richly textured and intricate natural scenes. Explore distant misty mountains or enjoy lush prehistoric jungles with our curated collection of engraved wallpaper designs.

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More Ways to Shop Engraved Landscape Murals

Can’t quite find the etched illustration or inked engraving you had in mind? We’re here to help! You can customize any of our designs to change color, scale, and more with our customization options. You can also Create Your Own custom engraving mural to match exactly what you had in mind. If you need a little help getting started, contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an Account Manager.

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