Add Nostalgic Charm to your Decor with Retro Diner Wallpaper Murals

As a decor statement, retro diner artwork has a lot of fun imagery to offer. Shiny chrome, neon signs, brightly colored vinyl, and checkerboard floors are just a few of the things that give retro diners an iconic style. If you’re a restaurant owner or homeowner looking to take your space on a trip down memory lane, our retro diner murals are sure to fit the bill!

Retro diner wallpaper murals are a perfect choice for those looking to give their space a retro-inspired revamp. A diner wallpaper mural can add a nostalgic feel to a cafe or restaurant, or add 50’s charm to a home kitchen. With multiple retro diner murals to choose from, it’s easy to give your home or business some iconic americana style.

  • Use a faux window scene mural for the illusion of a diner booth right to your dining room! Whether you’d prefer a beach vacation view or a serene fishing spot outside your diner booth, artist Larry Grossman has multiple diner booth windows to choose from!
  • Hang a diner interior scene like the Corner Cafe mural inside your own retro-inspired restaurant to transport the whole room back in time.
  • Use a diner painting with a sense of depth and perspective like the After School Wall Mural to give your room the look of extra space, almost like an extra addition!
  • Decorate a garage or man-cave with a drive-in diner mural like Cruisin for Burgers at Custard’s Last Stand, perfect for those who love the classic cars of the 50’s!
  • Give a basement bar or game room its own shiny chrome diner counter using the Thirst Quencher mural by retro artist Michael and be transported right into the scene of a 50’s diner counter!

More Ways to Decorate with Retro Murals

Diners aren’t the only fun way to add retro style to your space! We are partnered with multiple artists that create artwork in a retro style, so be sure to take a look at the work of our popular retro artists, Larry Grossman and Michael Young. For scenes from the 50’s specifically, see our fifties murals selection. If it’s more nostalgia that you’re after, we have many other nostalgic scenes to choose from. Vintage murals are another great way to decorate using the charm of the past.

Create Your Own Retro Wallpaper

Not seeing the retro diner image you had in mind?! Create your own mural by using your own image, or use our graphics services to make changes to an existing image. Contact us or call our helpful team of Account Managers at 888.558.0279.

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