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Decorating with Succulent Wallpaper and Cactus Wall Murals

Even in dry, dusty deserts, plants find a way to survive and thrive. Cacti and succulents are a reminder to adapt and overcome, even when your environment seems stacked against you. Aside from their tenacity, succulents and cacti are also beautiful. From sculptural saguaro cacti to colorful arrangements of succulent plants, these desert dwellers decorate the landscape and bring a southwestern touch to homes as houseplants.

Find the perfect cactus or succulent wallpaper mural to decorate your space and bring some added interest to your walls. For a dramatic look, use a desert landscape as a feature wall in a living room or dining area. If you’re after texture, try one of our close up succulent photograph murals for stunning colors and incredible detail.

Cactus Wallpaper for Walls

From the thorny paddles of a prickly pear cactus to the towering height of desert sentinels, our collection of cactus wallpaper murals will add texture and intrigue to your walls. Check out vintage pattern wallpapers and contemporary watercolor cactus prints, or change things up with a desert landscape room wrap that captures the stunning beauty of cacti backlit by the sunset.

Succulent Plant Wallpaper

With their velvety texture and pretty pastel tones, succulent wall murals are a great choice for decorating any space. From the pointed stalks of agave and aloe plants to the waxy appearance of jade plants and the delicate petals of hens and chicks succulents, the texture of these desert plants make them an intriguing addition to your walls. Explore dramatic black and white succulent wallpaper mural designs and bright succulent gardens to find the right look for you.

More Ways to Shop Cacti Mural Wallpapers and Succulent Murals

If you enjoy our collection of cactus and succulent wallpaper murals, be sure to explore our assortment of other desert-themed wall murals. From adventurous desert and canyon wall murals to stunning panoramic desert landscapes, we have a number of western style wall murals to choose from.

Don’t forget you can also always Create Your Own custom cactus or succulent wallpaper. Need some help getting started? You can contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 to connect with an Account Manager.

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