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Rooms for Water Wall Murals

Place a full ocean scene at the foot of the bed so you can wake up every morning to an endless stretch of water. Or create a calming vacation-like feeling in your living room with tree-lined lake wallpaper. It might be even better than the lake - you don't have to worry about any mosquitoes inside your house. Don't forget about your bathroom. Consider surrounding your tub with a water scene depicted in the setting sun that has you settling back in the tub with a relaxing sigh.

Ocean, Lake, Pond or River?

Ocean wall murals can enhance very powerful and energizing emotions, or calm, wistful and peaceful feelings. Lake murals tend to be very relaxing, and Murals Your Way has many different images of all four seasons to help you match the mood you want to convey perfectly. You might also find that you don't need a huge expanse of water to fit your décor, but that a close up of a water lily in bloom floating on the surface of a pond is exactly what you need. Finally, the movement shown in a river wall mural can evoke feelings of travel and exploration.

Lake-front and ocean-front properties are big in the real estate market. Scenic views overlooking tree-lined rivers and lakes, or backyards of sandy beaches with water stretching as far as the horizon traditionally cost big money to purchase. But even if your home is landlocked, recreate having water property with water wall murals and ocean, lake or sea wall art - all inside your house.

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