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Decorate with Wavy Pattern Wallpaper or Swirl Wallpaper Patterns

Inspire a spirited and playful atmosphere in any room with a wavy pattern wallpaper or abstract swirl wallpaper. Our scalable wallpaper patterns are versatile and can be sized to fit any space, whether you’re looking to create a large feature wall, wallpaper an entire room, or simply add a colorful accent as a backsplash.

Removeable Wave and Curl Wallpaper

While all of our wall coverings are removeable, our peel-and-stick SmartStick material makes the task especially easy. Print your wave pattern wallpaper or curvy wall mural design on SmartStick for easy installation and worry-free removal. Whether you want to try out a trendy wave wallpaper in a rental space like an apartment or you simply cycle through styles often, removeable wallpaper is a great solution to your décor needs.

More Ways to Shop Wavy and Curly Wallpaper Designs

For more loopy lines and free-hand squiggles, explore our other collections of wall mural designs such as our Memphis style wallpaper murals and our face line art wallpapers. For non-repeating wall murals, you can also check out our assortment of artistic abstract murals.

Have a specific design in mind that you just can’t seem to find? Not only can you Create Your Own wave or curl wallpaper pattern, you can also customize any of our designs to fit your needs. For help getting started, you can reach one of our expert Account Managers by contacting us by email or give us a call at 888.558.0279.

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