Purple Wallpaper Murals

Stoke your creativity or add an atmosphere of sophistication to your home or business with a purple wall mural or purple wallpaper from our curated color collection. Choose rich, royal hues like violet or amethyst for a dramatic atmosphere in highly trafficked areas such as living rooms or entryways. Alternately, go with a lighter shade of purple such as lavender or lilac for a calming tone in salons or nurseries.

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Purple Wallpaper Decorating Ideas

Is purple your favorite color because of the bountiful purple flowers found in nature? Or perhaps you prefer the misty morning sunrises or smokey dusks that paint the countryside pastel shades of purple. Maybe you like a more regal, royal purple of the kings and queens of old. Whatever shade you prefer, we have the perfect purple wallpaper to suit your décor needs in our carefully curated purple wall murals collection.

Do you have an idea in mind for the perfect purple wall mural for your design needs? Our Create Your Own wall mural option means you can make the perfect mural to fit your space and style. Don’t hesitate to contact us or call us at 888.558.0279 with any questions. We’re here to help!

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