Vintage Removable Wallpaper

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Vintage just keeps coming back, gaining popularity with each and every revival. Using vintage removable wallpaper to enhance your rooms can take your decor style beyond just retro to way cool. Your new throwback look will have your friends loving the style of your space.

Removable Wallpaper Makes Vintage Style Easy

Murals Your Way has a great collection of vintage prints and patterns, and they can be printed on removable wallpaper. This wallpaper is easily removable, meaning you can quickly take down your vintage wallpaper and replace it with another pattern without a lot of effort or mess. As a bonus, you can rehang your original vintage wall design time and time again, without damage to the walls or the wallpaper.

Retro Wallpaper Patterns

Adding a splash of colorful wallpaper in groovy patterns or retro colors can tie together a vintage room with style. The patterns and designs of yesteryear can really stand out against solid, plain-colored modern furniture.

Which material is removable?

All of our wallpaper products are removable. However, our SmartStick material is a self-adhesive, peel & stick material. This is what people usually think of as "temporary" or "removable" wallpaper, as there is no messy paste to clean up when you remove it.

Be sure to choose "SmartStick" when ordering if you want a peel and stick material.

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