Custom Wall Murals and Custom Wallpaper

There’s no better way to transform your home or business in a way that is truly personalized. In three easy steps, you can turn your favorite images into a larger-than-life custom wall mural or custom wallpaper.

Three Easy Steps To Create A Custom Wallpaper Mural

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Custom Wallpaper Murals

Whether it’s a family photo, a portrait of a beloved pet, or a business logo, you can create a personalized look that will make a lasting impression. Custom wall murals and wallpaper can be made to fit any size wall and printed on several different materials from vinyl to eco-friendly.

Want to add something special to your mural? Our talented design team offers a variety of creative services to help you create a wall mural that matches your tastes.

Image Quality Guidelines

You want your wall mural to be the best, so start with a high quality image taken with a photo lens camera. Cellphone camera and point and shoot camera images usually have a resolution that is too low, resulting in blurry images. Read our Custom File Requirements & Guidelines to see if your image will work.

On our website, you can order a custom wallpaper mural using our create your own wall mural feature for .jpg files up to 100MB . If you have any another file type or if your file is larger than 100MB, please complete this form or call us at 888.558.0279 to speak with an Account Manager.

Our Mural Materials

On our website we offer the following materials for any wall mural:

Prepasted Wallpaper
An easy to install and easy to remove wallcovering featuring water-activated adhesive backing, a smooth texture, and a matte finish. Compatible with a topcoat for increased durability and easy cleaning.

Eco Bella ™ - Texture
An eco-friendly, heavy-duty wallcovering featuring a light texture and matte finish.

Frosted Window Film
A removable and reusable semi-opaque covering featuring paste-free micro-adhesion technology ideal for application on glass, plexiglass, and Formica surfaces.

SmartStick® - Peel and Stick Wallpaper
A peel-and-stick removable wallcovering featuring a smooth texture and matte finish. Compatible with a topcoat for increased durability and easy cleaning.

Vinyl HD - Texture
A durable vinyl wallcovering featuring a textured surface and matte finish. Compatible with a topcoat for increased durability and easy cleaning.

An extremely durable wallcovering featuring a rough texture and a strong adhesive backing ideal for outdoor application and use on rough surfaces including stone and brick.

Amazing product!! Looks fabulous and is really easy to install. Highly recommended!!
~ Eric A., Quebec, CA

This was one of the absolute best online transactions I've ever made. The quality of the product is top notch. We had a professional installer install it and his comments were that it was the heaviest grade of material he'd ever worked with. It's in our nursery, and mom, dad, and baby are all in love with it. When it's time to remove it, we will most definitely replace it with another. Thanks, MYW
~ Dave C., MI

The mural is more beautiful than I imagined. The colors are vivid and bold. Very easy to install.
~ Vanessa, TX

Everyone who enters our dining room comments on how beautiful the mural is! We absolutely love it and it changes the entire room.
~ Cheryl W., RI