from Sarasota, FL - "This long 23.5 foot hallway is in that private residence and it leads to an office / library of the owners. The client wanted to visually open it up so it’s wasn't feeling so claustrophobic. My vision was to make a person feel like you’re walking across a bridge where the ground on either side was waning and there were large stones on either ends. Then at the back wall I wanted to make it look like it’s the end of the path and you are looking out at the sea but there are very ethereal gauzy drapes fluttering in a breeze. I contacted Murals Your Way to print the sky from a drawing I provided to them and then I drew the rest of the detail on top of the mural after it was installed. I also applied a textured plaster on top of the wallpaper. To which I imprinted with real sea shells to get the stone to look like coral stone which is very popular in Florida. The client loves it!"

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