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Alvord-Polk Inc. Business Case Study

Alvord-Polk Inc. is a manufacturing company in Millersburg, PA that produces tools for medical, defense, metalworking, automotive, and aerospace applications.

Business Challenge

Alvord-Polk had relocated their business to a new building, and needed a wall decor solution for two long hallways that met in the center of their offices.

MYW Solution

To fill one of the blank hallways, David B. of Alvord-Polk reached out to Murals Your Way for a custom-printed wall mural. To represent their brand’s identity, the company provided their own custom collage mural, incorporating photos of their tools and the industries they serve.

Custom murals in hallways in Alvord-Polk Inc. offices
Custom murals in hallways in Alvord-Polk Inc. offices


The new mural makes a striking visual statement in the once-blank hallway. The design does an effective job of expressing the brand’s identity, helping to show customers, employees, and visitors what Alvord-Polk manufactures and what industries they serve. To further represent the brand, a timeline of the company’s history was hung in the intersecting hallway. The folks at Alvord-Polk were pleased with the printing quality and the finished look of their custom wall mural!

Custom murals in hallways in Alvord-Polk Inc. offices.