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5 Tips for Using Wallpaper Murals

If you’re looking to amplify the visual appeal of your space, why not add some wallpaper? An eye-catching alternative to paint, wallpaper murals allow you to incorporate color, texture, and pattern wherever you desire. It can totally transform a space, whether you decide to wallpaper an entire room with a classic pattern or create a stunning accent wall to complement your decor. Here are just a few tips to consider before tackling your next wallpaper project!

1. Accent Wall

Covering an entire room with wall murals isn’t just a huge commitment, it’s a big design move. If you want to incorporate some color or a bold pattern, choose to create an accent wall. Wallpapering just one wall of a room can infuse personality and flavor. A bold accent wallpaper will capture attention while putting your tastes on display. You can evoke a tropical retreat in a living room, transform a bedroom into a breathtaking nature reserve, or add a whimsical woodland pattern to a nursery.

2. Dip Your Toe

Love a certain pattern, design, or trend, but aren’t ready to make a long-term commitment? Removable wallpaper is the perfect solution to dip your toe into the world of wallpaper! Our SmartStick material is simple to install (just peel and stick!), easy to remove (no damage to walls!), and totally renter-friendly (landlord approved!). So, when you’re ready to move on to a new look (or a new apartment), you can quickly take down the removable wallpaper without fear of losing your security deposit.

Get in on the latest - try out stylish trends like faux marble, evocative watercolors, beautiful ombres, or tropical leaf patterns.

3. Start Small

Often times, it’s recommended to keep small spaces light and neutral in order to avoid creating an overwhelming design. However, small spaces are the perfect opportunity to try out wallpaper! Powder rooms, closets, or kitchen backsplashes are perfect canvases for playing with bright colors, bold wallpaper patterns, or new trends. Not only does it give some attention to oft-overlooked rooms, but it also breathes in life and brightens them up. Imagine opening your closet doors in the morning and being greeted by a cheerful floral pattern wallpaper. Give a kitchen backsplash an eye-popping design with a classic herringbone pattern or a bright and stylish faux tile wallpaper.

4. Work with What You Got

A big mistake some first-timers make is introducing colors or patterns that clash with their current design scheme in a room. Use wallpaper and wall murals to unify a space and keep your decor cohesive. Wallpaper murals can be used to tie together patterns, paint colors, and furniture. Have a farmhouse style theme in your living room? A neutral shiplap wall mural will perfectly accent the entire space. Does your kitchen follow a crisp blue color scheme? Complement this cool palette with an elegant damask pattern wallpaper on the walls or ceiling.

5. Think Of Your End Goal

Before picking a wallpaper pattern or wall mural design, consider what you want to achieve within a room or space. Do you want to make a room feel wider? Light, airy colors and horizontal patterns help achieve this. Looking to add height to a room? Vertical designs – like stripe pattern wallpaper - make walls feel taller and ceilings feel higher. Want a surprising element? Consider adding a wall mural to the ceiling! Not only is it unexpected, but ceiling wall murals adds contrast and a sense of playfulness.

Ready to take a leap and wallpaper your space? Start off by looking at kitchen mural ideas and living room mural ideas and finding inspiration from customer examples or our Pinterest boards. Once you have a plan in mind, peruse our many wallpaper mural categories. Keep the tips above in mind as you choose your perfect wall mural for your space – you’ll be wallpapering your room in no time!

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