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How To Boost Morale & Productivity at Work

When you think of an office setting, what comes to mind? Rows of cubicles? Flickering fluorescent lights? Beige walls, carpeting, and furniture?.

Offices are often designed this way to prevent distractions and encourage productivity. However, research shows that this isn’t the best practice when it comes to employee morale and motivation. Happy employees are likely to be more productive and loyal with the logic being that they work for a company that looks out for their well-being.

Looking to boost your employee morale? Give them a workspace that inspires with a wall mural. These ideas will help you brighten up your office and motivate your employees.

1. Reinforce Company Identity & Branding

custom company branding mural in office reception area

Businesses spend a great deal of time and consideration to develop their core focus and principles. Rather than logging it away in the company handbook, put company values on display in a prominent way with a wall mural. Walls murals displaying a company’s values, goals, and mission can help motivate employees to perform their best. Branding, too, can help with recruiting, nurturing partnerships, and much more. Entryways or foyers are great places to incorporate logos and mission statements, as it establishes company identity as soon as employees and guests enter the door.

2. Tell A Story

custom company timeline mural in book store

Bring back the past with images old and new of your business. A timeline wall mural offers a powerful reminder of a business’ milestones and how the company has developed over the years. When planning a timeline wall mural, be sure to showcase your company’s inception, moments that changed the course of your business, and any transformative products or innovations. A visual timeline serves as a reminder for employees and staff or how far the company has come thanks to their help, makes employees feel like a part of something larger, and leaves a great impression on clients and guests.

3. Get Employee Input

Hardworking employees deserve a space where they can relax and unwind, whether it’s the cafeteria, breakroom, or lounge. Why not give them a chance to create something they can call their own? Get input from your employees about what sort of imagery they would like to see on a wall mural. Perhaps they’d like a soothing nature scene or a bright and colorful pattern. If you have some creative talents working throughout the office, offer them the opportunity to put their skills to work. They can create a design that exemplifies the company’s values in a fun and refreshing way.

4. Encourage Collaboration

Foster a work environment that encourages openness, creativity, and collaboration. A fantastic way to do this is with a dry erase wall mural. A dry erase wall mural creates a beautiful wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling presentation surface that’s ideal for conference and meeting rooms. Employees can brainstorm, plot, plan, and even doodle together, further helping develop teamwork and interpersonal skills throughout your company.

5. Choose Your Colors Wisely

Color and its placement play an important role in the function of a space and creating an effective work environment. Understanding colors, their meanings, and how they affect mood can help you design a workplace that improves productivity and efficiency levels.


Associated with calmness and relaxation, the color blue helps reduce stress by lowering heart rate and blood pressure. It’s a stable color that helps workers to focus on the tasks at hand, increasing productivity. Incorporate this color in a brainstorming or detail-oriented space.


Green symbolizes growth, relaxation, and harmony. It instantly adds light to any room and is versatile enough to work with earthy, neutral, or bright colors. Easy on the eyes, green helps reduce eye strain and anxiety. This makes it great for spaces where computers are used.


Yellow evokes feelings of happiness. Partly due to its association with the sun, yellow will create feelings of warmth, cheerfulness and happiness to any space. Yellow stimulates mental activity and energizes. However, be wary of using too much yellow; an overabundance of the warm hue can lead to anxiety and increase people’s temper. It’s best to use it as an accent color or in high-energy, creative spaces.


The color red stimulates and excites. If your workplace or a task involves physical activity, red will help productivity. It has been shown to increase heart rate, blood flow, and also raise emotion and passion. If you want to bring attention to a certain area within your workplace, decorating it with red shades and hues will do the trick.

Whether it’s beautiful artwork or photographs, company history and values, or incorporating the right color, a wall mural can effectively improve your workplace, inspiring your employees and making them happier and more productive.

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