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See the Difference a Mural Makes

By: Ahroon Y., Becca O.
June 27, 2024

Bluebirds & Blooms is a nonprofit organization based in Edina, Minnesota, dedicated to spreading joy and connection to care community residents through repurposed flower arrangements. Recently, Murals Your Way had the opportunity to support Bluebirds & Blooms by donating a large floral-pattern mural to brighten their new workspace.

Every day, millions of flowers are discarded from stores, events, weddings, and funerals. Meanwhile, over 60% of residents in care communities never receive visitors. To address these issues, founders Laura Hogan and Karen Woolridge started Bluebirds & Blooms in 2018, working from a kitchen to create beautiful flower arrangements for seniors in hospice care.

Two women holding a bouquet of flowers
A female delivers flowers to another woman
A man holding flowers from Bluebirds and Blooms

Bluebirds & Blooms volunteers gather flower donations from grocery stores, florists, boutique shops, wedding venues, and funeral homes. These flowers are then cleaned, prepped, and arranged into stunning bouquets. Volunteers deliver these floral gifts across the Minneapolis metro area to individuals in memory care, long-term care, and hospice settings. The organization also emphasizes sustainability by reusing donated glass jars and tin cans for the arrangements.

From their modest beginnings, Bluebirds & Blooms has grown into a remarkable organization now serving over 70 senior communities throughout the Twin Cities area. As the organization expanded, they needed a larger workspace to accommodate the creation of hundreds of bouquets each month.

A Bold Workspace Transformation With Bright Floral Wallpaper

Floral mural installed on a long wall in office

Murals Your Way had the opportunity to support the mission of Bluebirds & Blooms by donating a large floral-pattern mural to the workspace where the magic happens. The Bluebirds & Blooms team selected the Michelle's Smiles wall mural, a vibrant and colorful design featuring large flowers and leaves. This mural adds a splash of color and joy to their workspace, enhancing the environment where volunteers create their floral masterpieces.

“The murals in our new space have brought it to life and provide an inspiring environment for folks to make flower magic happen. The colors, the flowers, and the feel of the mural truly reflect the mission of our organization - joy! Our volunteers instantly smile when they walk in and see a vibrant wall of flowers. The murals provide the color, cheer, and warmth we've dreamed about for years!”

~ Elizabeth Lind, Executive Director, Bluebirds & Blooms

By partnering with Murals Your Way, Bluebirds & Blooms continues to spread joy and brighten the lives of those in care communities, proving that a little bit of color and compassion can make a world of difference.

Examples of flower arrangements for delivery
5 flower bouquets with colorful flowers
Boxes of flower arrangements ready for delivery
A woman delivering flowers to an elderly woman
A veteran holding flowers

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