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The Golden Girls: Rooms Reimagined

the golden girls

The Golden Girls, the popular 80s sitcom, premiered in 1985. Over the course of 180 episodes, we entered the lives of Blanche Devereaux, Dorothy Zbornak, Rose Nyland, and Sophia Petrillo. Their Miami home was quintessential of its time, yet exuded personality that was totally unique to these ladies. In celebration of The Golden Girls and its legacy, here is a look at some of the memorable rooms and modern tropical wallpaper inspired by the influential TV show.

The Living Room

the golden girls living room

Arguably, the living room can be considered The Golden Girls’ best supporting role; many memorable moments happened in this room. The rattan furniture ubiquitous of the space is trending once again. To achieve the ladies’ laid-back style, go for a clean look and accessorize with pops of color and pattern. A tropical print wallpaper creates a fun backdrop and is reminiscent of Miami’s palm tree-lined beaches.

Blanche’s Bedroom

the golden girls Blanche's bedroom

Talk about glamorous! Blanche’s bedroom is strikingly iconic; the palm leaf headboard, pink shell chair, and vanity make for a posh boudoir. The oversized leaf pattern is trendy and makes a bold but not-too-overpowering statement. In the modern take, the tropical leaf print is preserved in the bedding and potted plants. With its texture and brown hues, the light fixture acts as a nod to Sophia’s memorable handbag. A soft watercolor wall mural that gives off warm, beachy vibes is used as an accent wall.

Of course, there are plenty other tropical wallpaper for bedrooms that can help achieve a look that would have Blanche’s approval. For a feminine look, a tropical flower wallpaper mural makes a beautiful backdrop or accent wall. The Plumeria And Frond Pattern wallpaper, with its pink flowers and sage green leaves, is a more subdued design that still evokes Blanche’s luxurious style.

The Kitchen

golden girls kitchen

Cheesecake, anyone? These gals shared plenty of it over life dilemmas and St. Olaf stories! The kitchen’s eclectic decor had just as much personality as the Golden Girls combined. In this modern take, the layout is more open. Whicker chairs add texture and are an ode to South Beach materials. For an airier and lighter look, the cabinets are painted white. The watercolor leaf wallpaper pattern adds a subtle and pretty look to the walls, and a throwback to the original tropical print that decorated the kitchen walls.

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