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The Embassy Consular Annex of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas Business Case Study

The Embassy Consular Annex of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas represents The Bahamas to and in other countries. Their mission is to assist and represent its citizens, and others who seek information or services in or from the country.


Stephanie Rahming, the Accounts Officer for the Washington DC embassy, wanted to create a space that reflects the colorful and unique culture of The Bahamas as well as its rich history. Rahming and her coworkers decided a wall mural would best bring their vision to life, and contacted Murals Your Way.

Murals Your Way Solution:

Bahamas Murals

The Murals Your Way graphics team checked the collage of Bahamas-themed images to ensure resolution was high enough for printing. By recommendation of a mural consultant, the collages were printed on Eco Bella Smooth material. Top coat was added to give the murals extra protection.


The murals have not only enhanced the embassy office, they’ve served as conversation starters; clients and visitors ask questions and rave about the artistry of the different images.

Bahamas Murals
Bahamas Murals

The murals have brought a level of personalized touch and allowed our clients to visit The Bahamas without the means of purchasing an airline ticket. Bahamian citizens residing in the USA have thanked us for reminding them of the authenticities of all that speaks The Bahamas. Murals Your Way has done an excellent job of assisting to bring to life the vision of this office. — Stephanie Rahming, Accounts Officer