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The Vig Chicago Restaurant Business Case Study

The Vig in Chicago, IL is a 1950's sports parlor with an "it's good to be bad" theme. The term "vig,” short for vigorish, is a slang term for a bookie's cut of winning bets. The Vig's menus, classic cocktails, and architecture are all designed to inspire the lost art of conversation.


The Vig had their own custom images they wanted to use. An installer who previously worked with Murals Your Way made the recommendation. Murals Your Way helped The Vig check image resolution and choose the right material: Eco Bella™, a durable and cleanable material that is fire rated and prints black and white images well.

Two pictures of Black And White Murals Installed In A Restaurant


The Vig's murals feature images of betting lines and sports events from the 1950's, which perfectly compliment their classic sports bar decor. It's a fun and lively atmosphere that is sure to leave an impression on their patrons.

They are amazing!!! — Ryan Marks, Owner

Photos of Two Men Installing A Wall Mural For A Restaurant

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