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TRINHdesign + TRIMAR Builders Business Case

TRINHdesign + TRIMAR Builders is a boutique design and building firm. This firm’s unique vision invites the opportunity for healthcare spaces to feel warm and inviting, evoking an atmosphere of hospitality.

Business Need

TRINHdesign + TRIMAR Builders was hired by HCA Houston Healthcare to design a lobby for their new medical office concept, Gulf Coast Vascular. TRINHdesign + TRIMAR Builders wanted to brand their client’s identity in an informative manner.

MYW Solution

Since 2019, TRINHdesign + TRIMAR Builders has been ordering murals from Murals Your Way for many of their creative projects. Trinh Pham – lead design architect for the team emphasizes; “ The Murals from Mural Your Way allow us the opportunity to create a WOW statement, expeditiously and cost effectively. They also add visual texture while allowing the designer the opportunity to build on the intended themes of the environment.” Several murals were developed for this hospitality-like clinical suite.


A black and white mural of a mountain landscape was placed behind the reception desk; whose chiseled marble, cracked to mimic the expanded landscape, demands attention upon entering the office. Another mural was used in the corridor of the clinic, adding vibrant energy and interest to the long space. Created as a wall that would brand the on-boarding surgical group with their logo and tagline, it also serves a functional purpose as an educational wall. The mural was developed as a graphical backdrop to the display millwork, which holds models of the vascular systems. A glass surface was mounted over the printed ‘Vascular Man’ – allowing the surgeons to draw on the glass surface to show patients their vascular conditions. Visitors young and old alike gravitate to these areas, a sign of a job well done.

Design and Construction: TRINHdesign + TRIMAR Builders
Photography: Nash Baker