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Trend Alert: Metals & Minerals

Polished Cut of Agate

Everywhere we look, we see rich textural elements popping up in design. We see copper, bronze, marble and unique minerals... surfaces that reflect how perfectly imperfect natural elements can be. Heavy metals, corroded textures, rock formations, layered agate slices, you name it!

Below are some of our favorites, but be sure to click through to see the rest!

Ceiling Mural (We used customized coloring on this mural!)

Our Favorite Metals:

Brushed Copper Plate
Industrial Metal
Crystal Nugget Gold Bronze Copper Iron
Gold Metal
Copper Plate Texture
Aged Metal Texture
Old Copper Plate Texture
Brushed Metal
See More Metals

Our Favorite Minerals

A Layer Of Onyx
White Marble
Marble Emberador
Grunge Wall
Green Marble
Onyx Marble
Beige Marble
Black Marble

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