Embellitex™ Canvas


Embellitex™ Canvas reproduces paintings and photos beautifully conveying a soft, artistic look. With its matte and textured look, canvas murals bring sophistication and elegance.

  • Type I 11 oz commercial grade wallcovering
  • Premium coated artist canvas
  • Features a canvas texture and matte finish
  • Poly–cotton canvas backing
  • Installs with heavy duty paste
  • Class B Fire Rating
  • Printed with 20 year indoor fade resistant ink
  • Can be top coated for use in high traffic areas or places that require frequent cleaning

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Embellitex™ Canvas Q & A

Are your Canvas murals framed?
No. Our canvas murals are rolled, and install with paste, just like wallpaper. You can also have grommets added to hang Canvas murals in a more temporary manner. Please contact us if you would like grommets added to your mural.

Are Canvas murals pre-pasted?
No, You will need to apply paste prior to installation.

Can I use Canvas on textured walls?
Yes. Canvas is a great option for slightly textured walls.

Can I use Canvas outdoors?
Canvas is NOT recommended for outdoor use.

Can I use Canvas in high traffic areas or kids' rooms?
If top coated, Canvas is durable enough for use in high traffic areas and kids' rooms.

Can I use Canvas in damp or humid locations?
You can use Canvas in damp/humid locations as long as it is top coated.

How do I clean Canvas murals?
If your mural is top coated, use a damp sponge to clean. If your mural is not top coated, you can lightly wipe with a dry cloth, but they may discolor if scrubbed harshly or if exposed to liquids for cleaning.

Will Canvas murals damage my wall when I remove them?
When installation instructions for wall preparation and removal instructions are properly followed, a mural should not damage the wall from which it is removed.

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