Seed Hawk Wall Mural Business Case Study

Seed Hawk Business Case Study

Seed Hawk Inc. is a leading global agricultural equipment manufacturer with seeding, planting and tillage implements sold in Canada, the U.S., Australia and Europe.


Seed Hawk wanted to update the on-site cafeteria to make a more inspiring space for the 200+ employees at their Saskatchewan, Canada headquarters.

before photos of cafeteria room

Murals Your Way Solution:

For the mural image, Seed Hawk Inc. decided that the best way to "warm their prairie hearts" was to use an image of a thriving farmer's field. Murals Your Way assisted them by ensuring the image resolution was high enough for the large mural and providing a final proof prior to printing.

Murals Your Way did an amazing job of expanding a picture of a wheat field into a beautiful 9' x 22' wall mural that was the perfect final addition to our cafeteria remodeling. — Alana O'Callaghan


Seed Hawk's dull and grey cafeteria transformed into a beautiful and invigorating space. It fits their mission to 'evolve farming further through the creation of ingenious seeding, planting and tillage equipment.'

after photos of cafeteria room with custom wheat mural

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