Springfield Kids Dentist Wall Mural Business Case Study

Springfield Kids Dentist Business Case Study

Springfield Kids Dentist is a pediatric dental clinic located in Springfield, OR, providing exceptional dental care for children.


Having opened a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility, Springfield Kids Dentist wanted to ensure their space was designed to be a fun and inviting experience for their young patients.

Murals Your Way Solution:

To create a kid-friendly and calming environment, Springfield Kids Dentist chose a Camp-inspired theme for their office. Having worked with Murals Your Way in the past, and impressed with pricing, quick turnaround, and customization options, Springfield Kids Dentist chose us to help with their project. They provided their own fun designs to create custom wallpaper murals, and selected a few Murals Your Way gallery images. Murals Your Way’s Design Team modified the designs and added customizations to better suit the dental practice’s needs.


Springfield Kids Dentist’s clinic transformed into a positive, colorful, and friendly environment. Patients of all ages have reacted positively to the wall murals, so much that children don’t want to leave the dental office!

The installation process was relatively easy, the resolution and vibrancy of the colors is exceptional, and all at a very affordable price. The clients, staff, and visitors are always impressed with the decor, a simple mural makes a big difference in the overall atmosphere of the space. — Dr. Navid Newport

See it for yourself! Take a 360° tour of Springfield Kids Dentist.

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