TFH Architects Wall Mural Business Case Study

TFH Architects Business Case Study

TFH Architects have worked on diverse projects, both commercial and residential, for more than 30 years. Their goal of discovering design solutions that celebrate their client's vision, while respecting fiscal constraints, cultural context and the natural environment has garnered them recognition and repeat business from long-standing clients.


This small design firm was chosen by Saco & Biddeford Savings Banks (SBSI) to work on their new branch, a prototype for future branches. SBSI is Maine's oldest bank, serving Southern Maine for over 175 years.

This project’s challenge was to combine both the history and tradition of the bank with eco-friendly, contemporary design and banking ideas. The key objective of the images was to tie the branch location to the history of the town and convey the longstanding relationship the bank holds with the community.

Murals Your Way Solution:

To find the right images, the local Saco & Biddeford Historical Societies were scoured, as well as the bank basement and other repositories. They were able to find images that spanned the time as well as subject matter, making the collage as all-inclusive as possible.

Judy, the Interior Designer, had visited the booth of Murals Your Way at a convention in New York City. The marketing group provided Murals Your Way with the layout and design of the murals. Image files and color samples were exchanged until a final approval was reached. The murals were then printed, shipped, and installed in the bank.

It never fails to make an impact on the customers, who more than likely see an image from their past that brings back memories. We will definitely work with Murals Your Way when the next branch comes along, likewise if a similar design opportunity arises. Murals Your Way is the highest tier of the vendors we work with and we look forward to seeing the next composition on the wall. — Dave Merrill, Architect

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